Weekend Watch: 30 Videos in 30 days

30 days worth of videos from Giaco Whatever and David Waelder gives you plenty to watch this weekend. More than plenty. Read more on MAKE The post Weekend Watch: 30 … Continue Reading →


Samantha Bee Is the Political Commentator You Need Right Now

Because the smartest entertainers know how to engage the Internet—not break it. The post Samantha Bee Is the Political Commentator You Need Right Now appeared first on WIRED.

Regretfully, Your Hoverbike Has No Place in Her Majesty’s Secret Service

See attached: a letter regarding your application to Her Majesty’s secret service for the position of “Lead Inventor” Read more on MAKE The post Regretfully, Your Hoverbike Has No Place … Continue Reading →


YouTube Is Becoming Many YouTubes to Keep Its Video Crown

To lock in the broadest possible audience, YouTube is going narrow. The post YouTube Is Becoming Many YouTubes to Keep Its Video Crown appeared first on WIRED.


The YouTubers Pushing India’s Millennials to Talk About Tough Issues (Penises, for Instance)

In a country where both mobile internet access and video is growing at an enormous rate, some companies see an opportunity to help young people The post The YouTubers Pushing … Continue Reading →

Warner Brothers fined for paying YouTube celebs to promote game

 Warner Brothers was just found guilty of manipulating new media by paying prominent YouTube hosts to promote a video game. Read More

Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns on pioneering online-only video

 With more than 4.5 billion views and 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube, plus their own video platform, there is no arguing that Rooster Teeth has paved their way as one … Continue Reading →

Spotify > YouTube as audio streaming surpasses music videos

 Audio didn’t quite kill the video star, but it’s making a comeback. Americans are now on-demand streaming more songs as audio than they’re consuming through music videos. The shift highlights … Continue Reading →

Weekend Watch: Making in Small Spaces with One Car Workshop

When I started making stuff, I was scared of mistakes. When I began to make videos, I was scared of rejection. When I went full-time, I was scared of failure. … Continue Reading →


YouTube Celebs Answer Your Burning and Inappropriate Questions

Last weekend at VidCon, we asked a bunch of YouTube stars what it was like to be famous. Here’s what they had to say. The post YouTube Celebs Answer Your … Continue Reading →

YouTube expands creator outreach with new features, better support

 Along with news that it’s preparing to introduce live streaming support in its main mobile application, YouTube also this week announced a series of new features for its creator community. The … Continue Reading →

YouTube can still win the livestreaming war

 YouTube, sounding a little miffed that House representatives were live streaming their sit-in using Periscope and Facebook Live, reminded its community that it has been offering live streaming on its … Continue Reading →

The Affectionator Lets Your Dog Pet You

Sure, you enjoy petting your dog and giving Fido treats, but what if your dog wants to pet you and give you treats? Read more on MAKE The post The … Continue Reading →

YouTube’s 15-minute outage attributed to routine engineering push

 A routine engineering push was the source of a 15-minute long global YouTube outage this morning, not a hack or DDOS attack. The issue has since been resolved, but was … Continue Reading →

Aphex Twin commissions 12-year-old YouTuber to direct first video since 1999’s ‘Windowlicker’

 If you follow your dreams, and film it, and put it on YouTube, there’s a chance Richard D. James will see it and commission you to direct the first Aphex … Continue Reading →

Weekend Watch: Everything from LED Skateboards to PVC Dog Showers with Glenn

Glenn from the DIY Creators channel on youtube shows a number of cool builds with detailed instructions. Get excited to make something! Read more on MAKE The post Weekend Watch: … Continue Reading →