Facebook Chases Post-App Prize with 1 Billion Messenger Users

Facebook has always hoped Messenger would become its anchor in a post-app Internet. One billion users gets it closer to to that goal. The post Facebook Chases Post-App Prize with … Continue Reading →

WhatsApp blocked in Brazil again

 Brazil’s battle with Facebook over its encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp, continues to rage. A Brazilian judge ordered telephone companies to cut off access to WhatsApp in the country after Facebook … Continue Reading →


‘Secret Conversations:’ End-to-End Encryption Comes to Facebook Messenger

The beta test of a new end-to-end encryption option will expand to all 900 million users by autumn. The post ‘Secret Conversations:’ End-to-End Encryption Comes to Facebook Messenger appeared first … Continue Reading →

Banks should not underestimate Facebook Messenger

 The potential for chat apps in financial services is by no means limited to social payments. Facebook has already confirmed that they are pursuing Wechat’s success, venturing into eCommerce. This … Continue Reading →

Facebook has funds frozen in Brazil in another WhatsApp encrypted data dispute

 Around $6 million in Facebook’s Brazilian bank account has been frozen on court order in another dispute about encrypted data involving local police authorities and Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp, according … Continue Reading →

Messaging app LINE sets price range for possible July IPO, poised to raise over $1 billion

LINE Corp., makers of a messaging app that’s gone mainstream in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, has set a price range for an initial public offering on the Tokyo and New York Stock exchanges in … Continue Reading →

WhatsApp hits 100 million calls per day

 In February, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced it had reached one billion users worldwide, and this week, the company added another metric to demonstrate its ongoing traction and growth. According to a … Continue Reading →