Personal Best: Fitting Heat and Humidity Into Your Workouts

No matter how much you train in the heat, it will never be easy, athletes and researchers say.

A ‘Heat Dome’ Is Coming. Domes Are Bad.

From Domesday to Thunderdome, domes have usually brought unwelcome news to someone. The sticky weather oozing across the country is no exception.

A ‘Heat Dome’ Is Approaching New York. At Least There Won’t Be ‘Corn Sweat.’

A large bubble of high pressure will have the city sweltering in time for the weekend. In the Midwest, the dome’s unbearable effects are being compounded by water being released … Continue Reading →


150 MPH Typhoon Winds Mean Disaster, Right? Well, Not Necessarily

Scales that evaluate hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone threat based on wind speed alone ignore that the real danger comes from inland flooding. The post 150 MPH Typhoon Winds Mean Disaster, … Continue Reading →