Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream

 Google is forming a rather hefty team within the company to tackle smartphone-based virtual reality. The latest addition to the team is Matt Apfel, a former VP of content strategy for Samsung’s … Continue Reading →

Second Life creators look to revamp reality once again, this time in VR

 The team is now embarking on its most ambitious project yet, a wide-reaching virtual reality network called Project Sansar that is, in many ways, aiming to become a new layer of reality … Continue Reading →

Watch DesignSpace use VR to power up architectural and urban design

 Early demos of VR headsets talked a lot about the potential for designers working in virtual space with live 3D models, but DesignSpace, a prototype originally created at the 2015 … Continue Reading →

Get lost in 10,000 square miles of multiplayer VR with MetaWorld later this year

 Virtual reality as it exists currently is generally an isolating experience. Plenty of VR worlds are sparsely populated, inhabited by robots, or empty. There are social platforms for VR already, … Continue Reading →

A Brief Introduction to 360 Video Camera Options

Capture the world in 360º with these new cameras, then explore them with your VR gear. Read more on MAKE The post A Brief Introduction to 360 Video Camera Options appeared … Continue Reading →

The New Issue of Make: Virtual Reality and More

The latest issue of Make: magazine hits newsstands today — read up on every aspect of virtual reality, from edible VR headsets to out-of-this-world software that’s engineering the next era … Continue Reading →

NASA Shapes the Future of Space Design and Exploration with its Mixed Reality Program

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab gives us a peek into the future of space exploration with their mixed reality tools. Read more on MAKE The post NASA Shapes the Future of … Continue Reading →

Will Oculus be for news in VR what Facebook is for news on the web?

 Facebook seems to want to replicate some the success of its established platforms with its more emerging ones: The FB job board has a listing for a “News & Media … Continue Reading →


One Startup’s Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality

The startup is deploying virtual reality as an empathy machine, capturing the world’s most vulnerable in 360-degree misery. The post One Startup’s Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality appeared … Continue Reading →

GoPro offers another peek of its Live VR tech

 GoPro has been largely quiet on the Live VR front since giving a glimpse of the technology back at NAB in April. And even then, it was more of a … Continue Reading →

NVIDIA releases its own VR game ‘Funhouse’ to the masses through Steam

 As of this morning, NVIDIA is in the game publishing business. In its own weird, roundabout sort of way. The company has pushed its first title out to Steam, offering … Continue Reading →

Unity raises $181M monster round at a reported $1.5B valuation

 Over the last few years, Unity Technologies has grown to become indispensable to the gaming industry and much of the entertainment industry as an engine for building experiences in one … Continue Reading →

Where are they now? 1st & Future alum Radd3 raises $2.2M from HTC

 In coordination with Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium, TechCrunch partnered with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the National Football League on 1st & Future, a competition for startups looking … Continue Reading →

An Open Valve: How a Modding Community Shaped the Future of Virtual Reality

How did a traditional gaming software company end up creating arguably the most cutting-edge VR hardware on the market, the HTC Vive? Read more on MAKE The post An Open … Continue Reading →

Oculus launching the Rift without the Touch controllers probably wasn’t a great move

 The Oculus Rift launch has been a rocky one that hasn’t exactly left fans of the highly influential consumer VR platform very happy. Today, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe announced a … Continue Reading →

Oculus says Rift orders now ship in 2 – 4 days, all pre-orders have gone out

 Oculus says it has resolved its shipping delays to the point where new orders now she in two to four business days, which is a considerable improvement to where things … Continue Reading →

Oculus Connect 3 developer conference is October 5 – 7 in San Jose

 Oculus is running its third developer conference for people interested in building VR experiences. Oculus Connect 3 is (you guessed it) the third annual developer conference hosted by the company, … Continue Reading →

Still a virtual reality skeptic? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

 As VR becomes a force in the gaming world (and other sectors), I can’t help but draw the evident parallels between the emergence of 3D-console gaming and quasi-nascent VR. Though … Continue Reading →

Virtual and augmented reality need a PG-13 moment

 We’ve passed a significant milestone in consumer adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality — although it’s clear that we’re a few models away from a truly refined VR/AR experience. … Continue Reading →

The reality of AR/VR survival

 VR will be big, AR will be bigger (and take longer). But as in most early-stage tech markets, growth will be curved, not straight. There will be a few billion … Continue Reading →

Eyefluence shows us how we’ll be able to navigate screens with our eyes

 What if you could control a computer screen with just your eyes? Well that’s the vision of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup that is working on technology for hands-free navigation. … Continue Reading →

The Golden State Warriors used virtual reality to woo Kevin Durant

 The Golden State Warriors laid it on pretty thick for Kevin Durant during their successful free-agent pitch to the NBA superstar last week. On top of having two-time MVP Stephen … Continue Reading →

HTC selects Lifeliqe as educational VR content partner

 This morning, visual learning platform Lifeliqe announced a strategic partnership with HTC to become their provider of educational virtual reality (VR) content for the Vive. Lifeliqe already has many other … Continue Reading →

Signs of a new Samsung Gear VR are surfacing

 It’s been less than a year since the consumer Gear VR was first shown off and it already seems as though Samsung and Oculus are regrouping to push out a new … Continue Reading →

NextVR scores $20 million from a Chinese investment firm

 NextVR confirmed today that the company has received $20 million in funding from a Chinese investment firm as a part of an upcoming Series B raise. The news surfaced earlier … Continue Reading →

What this year’s M&A activity tells us about media and entertainment

 With Dalian Wanda Group’s $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary Entertainment in January, this year’s media and entertainment M&A activity kicked off with a bang that hasn’t slowed down. Comcast’s $3.8 … Continue Reading →

Technology will change where we live

 Governor Jerry Brown has recently proposed legislation that would streamline the path for large scale development across California. It could have a huge impact on growing housing supply in San … Continue Reading →

Virtual reality training ramps up for the 2016 NFL season

 Football is a downright violent sport. If players aren’t injured in the games themselves, there’s a chance that they could be hurt in practice. It happens all the time. While … Continue Reading →

NBC will offer 85 hours of VR Olympics programming, courtesy of Samsung

 NBC has already hinted at plans to capitalize on the exponential interest surrounding VR by adding the format to its planned wall-to-wall Olympic coverage, but for the first time, the … Continue Reading →

HTC Vive announces $10 billion VR Venture Capital Alliance

 VR technologies are going to be requiring a shit ton of capital as they look to make the crossover from R&D phases to mass market adoption. HTC is certainly looking to do its part to … Continue Reading →

Twitter is putting together a team focused on VR and AR

 Twitter is beginning to devote resources toward building out a dedicated VR/AR-focused team. The social media company has hired former Apple designer Alessandro Sabatelli to lead the initiative as Twitter’s Director of VR … Continue Reading →

SPACE wants to move your office into VR space

 Virtual reality can be used for a lot of things — and if Pygmal Technologies gets its way, you’ll be spending your office hours with a VR headset strapped to … Continue Reading →

Play Pinball in Virtual Reality with Real Haptic Feedback

Build the “PinSim” cabinet controller and play VR pinball with real flipper buttons and an accelerometer-based nudge system! Read more on MAKE The post Play Pinball in Virtual Reality with … Continue Reading →

Oculus removes hardware DRM that locked games onto its headset

 An Oculus update posted today quietly removes a feature that blocked Oculus software from being played on other headsets — something that the community has been up in arms about … Continue Reading →

Is the future of VR NVIDIA, Sony and Apple?

 Virtual reality is all the buzz nowadays. And why wouldn’t it be when analysts like Goldman Sachs make estimates that the industry is poised to surpass the TV market in … Continue Reading →

Facebook brings emoji to VR with 360 Reactions

 Watching 360-degree videos alone on your Gear VR is about to get a little less lonely. Oculus just rolled out the ability for users to see and leave Facebook’s five emoji … Continue Reading →

Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera hits the US on an extremely limited basis

 Samsung keeps pulling back the old football for Stateside consumers when it comes to the Gear 360. Shortly after it was first introduced back in February at Mobile World Congress, … Continue Reading →


The Best (and Worst) Virtual Reality Games We Played At E3

Final Fantasy, Batman and more virtual reality experiences from the game industry’s gala expo. Some were great; others, not so much. The post The Best (and Worst) Virtual Reality Games … Continue Reading →

An excerpt from Eliot Peper’s cyberpunk novel Cumulus

 Eliot Peper has been lauded as the heir to William Gibson’s throne. He is a writer and entrepreneur based in San Francisco and is latest book, Cumulus, has become an … Continue Reading →

Exclusive: See the Secret Prototypes We Found in Valve’s VR Lab

See Virtual Reality prototypes that Valve have never shown publicly before! Read more on MAKE The post Exclusive: See the Secret Prototypes We Found in Valve’s VR Lab appeared first on … Continue Reading →