The government should be measured in its reaction to the Tesla crash 

 While I acknowledge and appreciate the role of governmental agencies to protect its citizens from harm, I encourage the NHTSA to be rational and measured in their response. Today, the … Continue Reading →


Elon Musk Wants to Make Solar Tech Lustworthy. Smart Move

In the near future, installation costs and solar cell efficiency won’t be what keeps people from going solar. It’ll be looks. The post Elon Musk Wants to Make Solar Tech … Continue Reading →

Tesla and Uber have more in common than you might think

 Elon Musk’s new master plan catapults Tesla into a new market; car-sharing. While the idea of Tesla car-sharing seems new, it is not the first time the company’s cars, coupled with … Continue Reading →

The 7 steps of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan”

 Why did Tesla buy SolarCity? To make your solar panel roof battery power your self-driving electric pickup truck. Elon Musk just revealed the second phase of his “Master Plan” and … Continue Reading →

Musk’s Master Plan has solar for everyone, but investors aren’t buying the dream — yet

 The Tesla “Master Plan Part Deux” published tonight by founder Elon Musk proposes quite a lot of major projects, but perhaps the most far-reaching of them all is the plan … Continue Reading →

Elon Musk addresses concerns around Autopilot and its ‘beta’ label

 Elon Musk’s Tesla’s ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’ contains his strongest response yet to concerns around Autopilot, the subject of an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation. Unsurprisingly, Musk is standing by the merits Autopilot … Continue Reading →

Tesla’s master plan part two is huge for the company

 Elon Musk plans to steer Tesla towards fully autonomous driving, car sharing, and cargo transport, according to the long awaited blog post on the company’s website. A fully solar power ecosystem driven … Continue Reading →

Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s master plan

 Elon Musk plans to steer Tesla towards fully autonomous driving, car sharing, and cargo transport, according to the long awaited blog post on the company’s website. A fully solar power ecosystem driven … Continue Reading →

Elon Musk adamantly standing by improving radar even though it’s so close to lidar

 In the past, Elon Musk has rejected Lidar, saying it’s unnecessary to achieve full driving autonomy. But in taking to his Twitter account between late Thursday night and early Friday morning, the Tesla CEO … Continue Reading →

Senate committee calls out Elon Musk, wants answers on Tesla Autopilot

 The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has called out Tesla CEO Elon Musk to answer some questions about the company’s Autopilot technology, and what the Silicon Valley … Continue Reading →

Autopilot was off when Tesla Model X in Pennsylvania crashed

 The Tesla Model X that crashed in Pennsylvania on July 1 had autopilot disabled at the time, Elon Musk announced on Twitter. This info comes straight from the vehicle’s own … Continue Reading →

Consumer Reports calls for Tesla to disable ‘Autopilot’ until it can be made safer

 Was Tesla’s Autopilot mode too much autonomy, too soon? Consumer Reports seems to think so. On Thursday, the publication called for the automaker to disable its hands-free operation until the … Continue Reading →

Tesla introduces a more affordable Model X

 Tesla is doing its part to slash the sticker prices on its vehicles. On Wednesday, the electric-vehicle automaker introduced its Model X 60D, which carries a starting price tag of … Continue Reading →

Tesla under investigation for possible breach of securities law, WSJ reports

 Tesla is under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Wall Street Journal reported, for a possible securities law breach. What’s at issue is whether the electric vehicle … Continue Reading →

Elon Musk teases second part of ‘Top Secret Tesla Masterplan’

 Elon Musk took to his Twitter account Sunday morning, teasing a second installment of his “top secret” blueprint. What could the billionaire be referring to? Well, upon making the tweet, one … Continue Reading →

Tesla says drivers using Autopilot remain safer than regular drivers

 Tesla has reiterated that drivers using Autopilot mode remain safer than those who don’t use it. The disclose came as the automaker continued to deny reports from Fortune that it … Continue Reading →

Tesla’s reported Autopilot 2.0 will face new goalposts for ‘smart’

 Two separate reports claim Autopilot 2.0, an enhanced version of Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving tech, is coming to vehicles soon, potentially as part of the upcoming 8.0 update of Tesla’s … Continue Reading →

Nissan expands its free charging promotion as electric car competition from Tesla and others heats up

 To say that Nissan is watching Tesla’s every move would be an understatement. The Japanese automaker started this month with a splash, announcing it is expanding its No Charge to … Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley’s Favorite Fixer: Bradley Tusk

 Tusk made his bones in Silicon Valley through advising Uber, which paid him in equity for his services while still a Series A company, dramatically boosting Tusk’s net worth (he … Continue Reading →

Mobileye says Tesla auto braking tech wasn’t designed for scenario behind fatal crash

 Following yesterday’s news of the NHTSA’s investigation into a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S, Mobileye, the Israeli technology company helping power the carmaker’s Autopilot feature, has sent a … Continue Reading →

Government regulators are looking into fatal Tesla crash involving Autopilot

 Tesla announced today that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into a recent fatal crash of a Model S with the company’s Autopilot feature activated. The … Continue Reading →

The last driver license holder

 Say hello to Liam. He recently celebrated his first birthday. Not only is he a cutie, he is the last person to get a driver license. Impossible? Not in your … Continue Reading →

Elon Musk’s Tesla offers to acquire Elon Musk’s SolarCity for $2.8B

 The great Elon Musk empire is uniting. Today his electric car and battery company Tesla announced its offer to acquire his solar panel installation company SolarCity. Together the companies could … Continue Reading →