There are no autonomous vehicles—yet

 Let’s talk about autonomous vehicles. Again. In the aftermath of the recent fatal crash that occurred in a Tesla running in Autopilot mode, it seems like it’s a topic worth … Continue Reading →

As U.S. Investigates Fatal Tesla Crash, Company Defends Autopilot System

Even as regulators are asking new questions in the wake of a fatal crash involving Tesla’s Model S car, executives say their technology is safe if properly used.

Tesla’s reported Autopilot 2.0 will face new goalposts for ‘smart’

 Two separate reports claim Autopilot 2.0, an enhanced version of Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving tech, is coming to vehicles soon, potentially as part of the upcoming 8.0 update of Tesla’s … Continue Reading →

Another crashed Tesla was allegedly in Autopilot mode

 Tesla’s Autopilot feature might be a bigger problem than the company realizes. A Detroit art gallery owner informed police that he had his 2016 Tesla Model X in Autopilot mode … Continue Reading →

New transmission

 What’s the first car you remember wanting? Was it a reasonably priced mid-sized sedan with ample leg room for passengers in the back? Was it a small, well-equipped compact SUV … Continue Reading →

Nissan expands its free charging promotion as electric car competition from Tesla and others heats up

 To say that Nissan is watching Tesla’s every move would be an understatement. The Japanese automaker started this month with a splash, announcing it is expanding its No Charge to … Continue Reading →