40 years after the first landing on Mars, this NASA scientist looks to resurrect Viking 1’s analog data

 It’s been four decades since the Viking 1 lander touched down on Martian soil, the first lasting human presence on the surface of the Red Planet. It beamed its unprecedented … Continue Reading →

With one atom per bit, this 1-kilobyte hard drive is only 100 nanometers wide

 Here’s an interesting milestone to talk up around the water cooler: Researchers in the Netherlands have created a microscopic storage system that encodes every bit with a single atom — … Continue Reading →

DigitalOcean launches block storage and lets you store terabytes of data

 DigitalOcean has become a popular cloud hosting provider over the years. But many customers have relied on third-party solutions, such as Amazon S3, to host large sets of data. DigitalOcean … Continue Reading →

Samsung’s new 4TB SSD costs about as much as a MacBook Pro

 For those in need of substantial PC storage, spinning hard drives are still very much a reality. That’s changing, of course, though not quite as quickly as many upgraders are … Continue Reading →

The next iPhone might start at 32GB of internal storage

 iPhone rumor season is upon us, the latest tidbit has to do with internal storage. According to the WSJ, the next-generation iPhone will start at 32GB of internal storage opposed … Continue Reading →

Weekend Watch: Making in Small Spaces with One Car Workshop

When I started making stuff, I was scared of mistakes. When I began to make videos, I was scared of rejection. When I went full-time, I was scared of failure. … Continue Reading →

AWS’s Elastic File System is now ready for production use

 Over a year ago, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing unit announced the beta launch of the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). While AWS already offers a number of cloud storage services in … Continue Reading →

DiResta: Key Hook

In this week’s episode of DiResta, Jimmy makes a simple row of hooks to store keys or wrenches. Read more on MAKE The post DiResta: Key Hook appeared first on … Continue Reading →