One Police Shift: Patrolling an Anxious America

Riding along with officers illuminated fears they confront, compassionate gestures from the public after two recent ambushes against the police, and varied responses to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Baton Rouge Attack Deepens Anguish for Police: ‘We’ve Seen Nothing Like This’

Law enforcement officials said it had been generations since the nation endured two separate episodes in which so many police officers were killed.

Funeral for Alton Sterling Is an Expression of Grief and Anger

A college’s basketball arena serves as the backdrop as politicians and religious leaders join family and friends gathered to a mourn man fatally shot by the Baton Rouge police.

Race/Related: Does This Flag Make You Flinch?

To protest police violence, an artist resurrected an old NAACP flag about lynching. I wondered if provocative art could help a divided nation confront its past and present.

Notebook: How Police See Us, and How They Train Us to See Them

Black Americans as threat and threatened.

Baton Rouge Is Passionate, and Peaceful, After Shooting of Alton Sterling

As a crowd thinned from Wednesday night to Thursday morning outside the store where Mr. Sterling was killed by officers, there was almost no visible police presence.

Alton Sterling Shooting in Baton Rouge Prompts Justice Dept. Investigation

Mr. Sterling, a black man, was killed outside a store on Tuesday. Video of the shooting spread quickly, setting off protests in the Louisiana city.

Alton Sterling Police Shooting Prompts Justice Dept. Investigation in Baton Rouge

Mr. Sterling, a black man, was killed outside a store on Tuesday. Images from social media showed protesters marching in the city.