Don’t make founders’ equity even

 Sometimes I think about replacing the table in my office with a sofa and a box of tissues. I’m a lawyer, but sometimes I feel like a therapist. When startup … Continue Reading →

Recasting Silicon Valley’s role in society

 At Bloomberg’s recent technology confab in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen offered a vision for entrepreneurship, defining it as the ability to see how the world potentially could be, then inventing … Continue Reading →

Pop culture stimulates the evolution of the LA tech scene

 It wasn’t so long ago that venture capital was a suburban California phenomenon. Los Angeles didn’t have much in terms of a real tech scene — and even San Francisco … Continue Reading →

Let’s meet in Chicago for a mini-meetup

 I’ll be in Chicago this week and I’d love to meet some startups. I’m thinking about holding a micro-mini-meetup on Tuesday, July 26 at a location to be determined. Here’s … Continue Reading →

Bad UX kills

 It clogs systems, causes accidents, wastes energy and makes people unhappy. It’s more than a bad experience on a website — in cities, bad user experience (UX) design can actually … Continue Reading →

Waiting for the right professional network

 Today there is enough data available to bring people of similar or adjacent profiles closer, and inform them about signals and contexts where they could either help, pay it forward … Continue Reading →

RNDMWRK randomizes remote work with subscription spaces

 Toronto entrepreneur David King learned something over the past four months, doing random bringing people together for random dinners at restaurants in Toronto: Many of the people participating were freelancers … Continue Reading →

Hacking poverty through mobile tech and social entrepreneurship

 In Silicon Valley the term “hacker” has evolved to connote high praise for someone particularly creative, ingenious and adept at finding clever new ways to accomplish a difficult task. And … Continue Reading →

100% Fun

 If 2016 taught us anything it’s that the Internet isn’t fun anymore. It’s not that a soulless network of computers interconnected via TCP/IP was ever supposed to be fun. It’s … Continue Reading →

7-Eleven delivers by drone in Reno including, yes, Slurpees

 7-Eleven Inc. and a tech startup called Flirtey have beaten Amazon to the punch in making the first drone delivery to a customer’s home in the U.S. Most already know … Continue Reading →

Now anyone can build features for Cola messenger

 Cola, a messaging app that integrates apps into chats, is opening up its developer kit today to enable anyone to build new apps. The updated version available today comes with 12 … Continue Reading →

Monotype will acquire marketing startup Olapic for $130M

 Monotype, a publicly-traded company focused on font design and technology, announced today that it’s acquiring Olapic, a startup that helps brands promote themselves with user-generated photos. The deal is expected to … Continue Reading →

Grover lets you rent electronics on the cheap

 Shopping online for electronics can be overwhelming. First you have the tech blog reviews, and then the forums, and then the product page itself. Finding the right product, at the … Continue Reading →

Hopper’s travel app helps you pick the best dates, airports to save more money on your trip

 Fresh off its $16 million funding round from earlier this spring, popular airfare prediction app Hopper is moving beyond simply helping travelers figure out when to fly in order to … Continue Reading →

A seed grows in Boston

 Across 1,000 acres of cotton plants in Arkansas, Tyler McClendon is running an experiment. The seeds are the same, as are his company Oxbow Agriculture’s methods of growing them. But … Continue Reading →

Tinder Social, helping friend groups plan their night out, launches globally

 Get ready for a new era — Tinder is about to launch Tinder Social globally. What is Tinder Social, you might ask? Well, Tinder Social is exactly the social planning … Continue Reading →

Inkbox’s short-term tattoos raise $1M from Alison Sweeney, Jeff Probst and more

 Inkbox’s two-week tattoos made waves when the company debuted its product on Kickstarter last year – Toronto-based founders Tyler and Braden Handley raised nearly $300,000 for their organic limited-time body art … Continue Reading →

Number26 is now a true bank as it now has a full banking license

 Berlin-based startup Number26 is trying to reinvent the bank. This might sound crazy, and that’s why the startup has processed step by step. After partnering with Wirecard for the banking … Continue Reading →

Tesla and Uber have more in common than you might think

 Elon Musk’s new master plan catapults Tesla into a new market; car-sharing. While the idea of Tesla car-sharing seems new, it is not the first time the company’s cars, coupled with … Continue Reading →

Website-building platform Brandcast raises $13.9M

 Brandcast, a startup allowing marketers and designers build mobile-friendly websites without having to write code, announced today that it has raised $13.9 million in Series B funding. The round was … Continue Reading →

Warby Parker is offering Snapchat-exclusive sunglasses

 Warby Parker is offering its very first Snapchat-exclusive product — limited sunglasses that are only available for purchase to its Snapchat followers. The eyeglass retailer said it just shared a Snapchat … Continue Reading →

Lighter Capital takes a different approach to startup financing

 The new world of startup finance is very strange. Private equity is increasingly dipping down to finance startups. Meanwhile, venture capital funds are being forced to use every financial tool imaginable … Continue Reading →

Powering the golden age of audio

 Audio, the spoken word, is humanity’s primary means of sentient communication: the sounds a fetus hears in utero; a lover’s whisper; a marriage proposal… all leave deep imprints on our … Continue Reading →

Meet Dots & Co, the latest game in the Dots series

 Dots, the gaming studio that brought you ultra-successful time sinks Dots and Two Dots, is today releasing Dots & Co. Dots & Co is very familiar for folks who have … Continue Reading →, a Pandora for comedy, launches into beta, a startup that’s something like a Pandora – but for comedy – is today launching into public beta. Via its website and forthcoming mobile application, users can stream stand-up sets … Continue Reading →

CounterCraft bags $1.1M to fire up a security decoy play

 Spain-based security startup CounterCraft, founded last September, has closed a €1 million ($.1M) seed round to accelerate development of a b2b security decoy technology designed to engage hackers and keep … Continue Reading →

Teal drone set to blaze across the skies at 85mph in time for the holidays

 George Matus has been building drones since he was 11 years old. At 18, he has built the world’s fastest production drone, Teal. The 730 gram craft will be able to … Continue Reading →

Learn-to-code startup CK targets the Minecraft modding craze

 The learn to code space is packed with ideas. But when it comes to what children want to do online, towering over everything else is the build-it-yourself Microsoft-owned Minecraft platform. … Continue Reading →

Rocket Internet’s GFC backs home care marketplace HomeTouch

 HomeTouch, the UK home care marketplace, has picked up £700,000 in new funding in a round led by Rocket Internet’s venture arm Global Founders Capital (GFC). Previous backer Passion Capital … Continue Reading →

Dreamit accelerator ditches demo days, unveils 25 new health and education startups

 Dreamit Ventures’ accelerator has ditched the demo day, according to Chief Innovation Officer Steve Barsh. That’s not the only change the early-stage venture firm and accelerator has made of late. … Continue Reading →

Goldman Sachs leads $10M investment in Brazilian trucking startup CargoX

 CargoX, a Brazilian startup that has been described as “Uber for trucks,” is announcing that it has raised $10 million in Series B funding. The analogy is kind of irresistible, … Continue Reading →

Get lost in 10,000 square miles of multiplayer VR with MetaWorld later this year

 Virtual reality as it exists currently is generally an isolating experience. Plenty of VR worlds are sparsely populated, inhabited by robots, or empty. There are social platforms for VR already, … Continue Reading →

Product comparison engine Versus acquired by Germany’s MenschDanke Group

 Versus, the Berlin-based product comparison site and engine backed by Earlybird Venture Capital, and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups (amongst others), has been acquired by Germany’s MenschDanke Group, which owns several … Continue Reading →

Unilever buys Dollar Shave Club for reported $1B value

 Unilever creates and captures a unicorn with its plans to acquire Dollar Shave Club. Announced this evening, the $130 billion dollar multinational consumer goods company is speculated to be paying … Continue Reading →

Facebook throws shade at Snapchat’s anti-creepy business

 “They’re going to hit some challenges and marketers are gonna start to ask questions when they get out of the experimental budget phase”, Facebook’s head of ad tech said about … Continue Reading →

Legalist is making it easier for lawyers to find state court records

 Imagine a lawyer with a client who lives in one county and works in another. Or even a lawyer who litigates in multiple states. Both common occurrences, but situations that … Continue Reading →

Airfordable lets you pay for travel over time

 Flying is expensive. So Airfordable is launching from Y Combinator’s Summer ’16 batch to let you book flights and pay over time before you take off. Here’s how it works: … Continue Reading →

Will photo art phenom Prisma raise or get bought?

 Prisma morphs your photos into fine art like Picasso or Mondrian, and it’s blowing up the iOS app charts. Today it came out in unofficial APK beta on Android. But … Continue Reading →

Grabr launches peer-to-peer marketplace for international shipping

 The international shipping industry is under siege by the tech world. Fleet and Flexport are just a few of the companies hopping into the space, but entrant Grabr is taking … Continue Reading →

Grabr launches peer-to-peer marketplace for international shopping and delivery

 The international shipping industry is under siege by the tech world. Fleet and Flexport are just a few of the companies hopping into the space, but entrant Grabr is taking … Continue Reading →