Tim Kaine Picked as Clinton Running Mate

Hillary Clinton announced Friday that Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia would be her vice-presidential choice.

You Mean It’s Next Week? Why Some G.O.P. Senators Will Skip the Convention

As the nomination of Donald J. Trump approaches, more than a dozen have cited conflicts as varied as lawn mowing, fly fishing, volunteer work and campaigning for themselves.

Congress Recesses, Leaving More Stalemates Than Accomplishments

A failed bill to help fight the Zika virus was among the high-profile casualties as partisan fights continued Thursday even as legislators were leaving town.

Senate Approves Bill to Combat Opioid Addiction Crisis

The comprehensive measure was a rare instance of consensus in Congress, although Democrats say the bill is an empty promise without funding.

Former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh Is Expected to Run for His Old Seat

A bid by Mr. Bayh could strengthen the Democratic Party’s prospects of winning majority control of the Senate in November.

On Washington: Another Impasse on Gun Bills, Another Win for Hyperpolitics

Partisanship and the sway of special interests again prevented lawmakers this week from achieving a consensus objective over gun control measures.