Mushroom leather, tiny Zika detectors and lab-made breast milk debut at IndieBio’s third demo day

 Crowds of people packed the room at the Folsom Street Foundry in downtown San Francisco this afternoon to check out the latest innovations from Indibio’s third demo day. The accelerator’s … Continue Reading →

Technology will change where we live

 Governor Jerry Brown has recently proposed legislation that would streamline the path for large scale development across California. It could have a huge impact on growing housing supply in San … Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley comes out in full force behind SF Pride

 This weekend was the annual San Francisco Pride Parade. The event drew over a million spectators and participation from many of the tech world’s most recognizable companies. Over 30 tech companies … Continue Reading →

Airbnb sues San Francisco over new rental legislation

 Airbnb is taking its beef with the city of San Francisco to court. The short-term rental company filed suit today over a new law that requires Airbnb to verify that … Continue Reading →

Resolving homelessness in the digital era 

 The explosion of tech companies setting up headquarters in major cities has encroached on the homeless population. Like San Francisco, the tech industry is growing rapidly in Seattle, and we … Continue Reading →

An excerpt from Eliot Peper’s cyberpunk novel Cumulus

 Eliot Peper has been lauded as the heir to William Gibson’s throne. He is a writer and entrepreneur based in San Francisco and is latest book, Cumulus, has become an … Continue Reading →