This Week in Making: Documentaries, Droids, and Designing Rovers

This week we watched some very cool documentaries, learned how BB-8 really works, and got a closer look at JPL’s “mixed reality” initiative. Read more on MAKE The post This … Continue Reading →

The assimilation of robots into the workforce as peers, not replacements

 One might ask why we would ever want to create robots that can do human work when we have so many people who need jobs. The goal of robotics should … Continue Reading →

NASA’s Curiosity rover can now pick which bits of Mars to scan on its own

 Curiosity may be an older dog (the rover landed on Mars in 2012), but it’s still picking up new tricks. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently revealed (via Verge) that the … Continue Reading →

7-Eleven delivers by drone in Reno including, yes, Slurpees

 7-Eleven Inc. and a tech startup called Flirtey have beaten Amazon to the punch in making the first drone delivery to a customer’s home in the U.S. Most already know … Continue Reading →

Dirk, a Life-Like Homeless Robot, Is an Interesting Social Experiment

Wandering through Maker Faire Nantes, Dirk begs for change and plays a tune for the onlookers. At a glance, people think he’s a real person. Read more on MAKE The … Continue Reading →

Amazon patent proposes drone perches atop streetlights and other protruding infrastructure

 Pop quiz, hot shot: You’re a delivery drone with a flight duration of 20 minutes with your current payload, but because of delays (use your imagination) you’re never going to … Continue Reading →

Building a Robotic Video Camera Rig Fit for a Studio

This robotic camera rig is a small-scale Milo rig with 6 degrees of control (including focus!). Perfect for creating professional videos. Read more on MAKE The post Building a Robotic … Continue Reading →

Now launching in Estonia, Cleveron’s PackRobot is like an Amazon Locker on steroids

 Estonian start-up Cleveron is looking to one-up Amazon’s Lockers with a more advanced solution, and today the company’s PackRobot makes its public debut in its home country. Read More

The real story behind how BB-8 works in The Force Awakens

 Star Wars engineering experts have tipped their hand regarding one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets: Exactly how BB-8 works in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While film-makers behind the movie have given … Continue Reading →

Autopilot was off when Tesla Model X in Pennsylvania crashed

 The Tesla Model X that crashed in Pennsylvania on July 1 had autopilot disabled at the time, Elon Musk announced on Twitter. This info comes straight from the vehicle’s own … Continue Reading →

SwagBot will autonomously roll them little dogies along rough Australian ranchlands

 Is nothing sacred? The rugged trails that over history have been trod by cowboys, gauchos, ranch hands, and in Australia, swagmen, are now to be presided over by cold, calculating … Continue Reading →

Volt: A Traveling Companion Robot I Built with my Dad

Volt is a companion robot created by Ray Rumore (with some help from dad). He was inspired by science fiction robots. Read more on MAKE The post Volt: A Traveling … Continue Reading →


Cozmo Is an Artificially Intelligent Toy Truck That’s Also the Future of Robotics

With a new software development kit that even the greenest coder can use, this smart toy could help seed a new generation of intelligent robots. The post Cozmo Is an … Continue Reading →

Georgia Tech outfits its humanoid walking robot with some fancy new kicks

 Human locomotion has traditionally been a tough nut for roboticists to crack, but the team at Georgia Institute of Technology looks to be doing so in stride with the DURUS, … Continue Reading →

Walt Disney Co. reveals 9 new startups in the Disney Accelerator spanning robotics, cinematic VR and AI

 The Walt Disney Co. is kicking off the third session of its corporate accelerator this week, and revealed 9 new companies admitted to the program. A full list follows at … Continue Reading →

Anki is opening Cozmo’s SDK to makers, developers and educators

 We’re still a few months away from when he’s first set to open his Pixar-inspired eyes to the world, but Anki’s already revealing some big plans for its little robot, starting … Continue Reading →

3Scan raises $14 million for a robotic microscope that could accelerate drug discovery

 Robots and software aren’t just changing manual labor in warehouses or kitchens. They’re also transforming medical research. A San Francisco startup called 3Scan Inc. raised $14 million in venture funding … Continue Reading →

This artificial stingray has a gold skeleton and light-activated rat muscles

 Mimicking nature’s most elegant designs has become a popular method for creating equally elegant robots (close, anyway) — but using nature’s raw materials, too? That’s what researchers at Harvard’s Wyss … Continue Reading →

Light-powered microbots could deliver drugs directly to our bloodstream

 Sticking tiny robots into your body sounds fun but what happens when those robots run out of battery and start to explode? While this may not always be the case, … Continue Reading →

Self-driving delivery robots could soon be common sights in European cities

 Airborne drone delivery is still more PR than public reality, but wheeled, self-driving delivery bots could be trundling down a sidewalk near you sooner than you think. London-based Starship Technologies, … Continue Reading →

Bioservo is bringing NASA’s real-life Power Glove down to earth

 If you’ve ever had to hold a wrench in place for any lengthy of time exerting a decent amount of force, you know it sucks. NASA also knew it sucked, … Continue Reading →

Hacking a Star Wars AT-AT to Actually Walk

This is my remote controlled Vintage AT-AT Walker toy with an Arduino Uno, Adafruit servo shield, and Xbox 360 controller. Read more on MAKE The post Hacking a Star Wars … Continue Reading →

Autonomous Robots, Cars, and Drones… What Will You Do with Lidar?

As prices tumble, lidar is becoming the go-to tool for autonomous robotic vision — and its applications go well beyond autonomous vehicles. Read more on MAKE The post Autonomous Robots, Cars, … Continue Reading →

This 4-Foot-Tall Robot Transforms into a Car in Seconds

Did you ever think you would live to see a real life transformer? This robot turns into a car, and its creators want to build one even bigger. Read more … Continue Reading →

The role of telepresence robotics in workforce inclusion

 Let’s pause on the robots-are-taking-over-our-jobs panic for a minute and take a look at how some robots — telepresence robots, specifically — could be used to give access not only … Continue Reading →

The Pleurobot robo-salamander crawls and swims like a real amphibian

 The mad roboticists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have produced another biomimetic mechanoid — this one based on the lithe locomotion of the salamander. “Pleurobot” imitates the amphibian’s … Continue Reading →

Iris Automation is bringing eyes, and situational awareness, to drones

 New drone regulations in the U.S. ostensibly make it easier for companies to put flying robots to work whether that’s in media, construction or agriculture. But drones are still limited … Continue Reading →

Bee Partners closes $30 million fund to seed very early-stage startups

 Bee Partners in San Francisco has raised a $30 million fund, its second, to lead investments in very early stage startups based in the U.S. Founded in 2009, the firm … Continue Reading →

Anki aims to bring a Pixar character to life with its plucky little robot

 “We went through 45 mechanical iterations of Cozmo,” explains Boris Sofman. “This was a huge, hugely complex problem of mechanical engineering, industrial design and character design. The goal to make … Continue Reading →

The future of 3D-printed prosthetics

 The recent ubiquity of 3D printers and innovations in prosthetic design, manufacturing and distribution offer a viable solution for the millions of people living with limb loss around the world. … Continue Reading →

This Robot Monitors Avalanche Conditions So You Don’t Have To

Currently, the only way to assess avalanche danger is to hike up a snowy mountain and look at the conditions in person. Robots would be better. Read more on MAKE … Continue Reading →

Flirtey delivers drugs by drone from ship to shore in New Jersey

 The Jersey Shore is finally famous for something besides fake tanning. A Reno, Nevada-based startup called Flirtey Inc. conducted the first domestic “ship to shore” drone delivery this week along … Continue Reading →

Enjoy a video of Boston Dynamics’ new robot doing chores and slipping on banana peels

 Boston Dynamics, the company behind some of the most impressively terrifying and terrifyingly impressive robots of the past decade, is demonstrating its softer side with a video showcasing the Alphabet-owned firm’s … Continue Reading →

The Affectionator Lets Your Dog Pet You

Sure, you enjoy petting your dog and giving Fido treats, but what if your dog wants to pet you and give you treats? Read more on MAKE The post The … Continue Reading →

How will Israeli innovation play into the global robotics industry?

 In the last few months, a Singaporean University hired Nadine as a secretary, a Boston Dynamics employee pushed over his colleague Atlas who was moving boxes at a factory and … Continue Reading → trains your robot to operate dozens of 3D printers and laser cutters at a time

 If you’ve got more than a handful of 3D printers or other devices running at a time, it’s a full-time job keeping them going — removing and packaging products, tweaking … Continue Reading →

BuddyBot Is an Adorable Robot Programmed Entirely with Swift

“The biggest highlight for me is seeing how excited my daughters are getting about robotics.” Read more on MAKE The post BuddyBot Is an Adorable Robot Programmed Entirely with Swift appeared … Continue Reading →