The assimilation of robots into the workforce as peers, not replacements

 One might ask why we would ever want to create robots that can do human work when we have so many people who need jobs. The goal of robotics should … Continue Reading →

Only the privileged fear a robot revolution

 Leading venture capitalists, scientists and CEOs all have the same prediction for AI: machines will take jobs away, “eat the world” and, ultimately, overthrow humanity. These histrionics have driven a … Continue Reading →

Let’s start getting excited about robots taking our jobs

 A recent Pew report found that a majority of Americans believe that most human jobs could be automated by 2065. It’s no wonder, then, that talk about technological unemployment is … Continue Reading →

SwagBot will autonomously roll them little dogies along rough Australian ranchlands

 Is nothing sacred? The rugged trails that over history have been trod by cowboys, gauchos, ranch hands, and in Australia, swagmen, are now to be presided over by cold, calculating … Continue Reading →

Exploiting machine learning in cybersecurity

 While more and more jobs are being forfeited to robots and artificial intelligence, is it conceivable to convey to machines a responsibility as complicated as cybersecurity? The topic is being … Continue Reading →