Critic's Notebook: At In Situ in San Francisco, Originality in Careful Copies

Corey Lee’s new restaurant regards chefs as practitioners of high culture and iconic dishes as works of art, like literature, music or painting.

Wanted: 2BR, Near Bars and Restaurants

Cafes, restaurants and bars play a major role in the often arduous and angst-ridden drama of home hunting.

Next Stop: On the Spanish Isle of Formentera, the Charms of Italy

This island near Ibiza is made for people who embrace the beach and Italian cuisine like old friends.

Four Seasons, Lunch Spot for Manhattan’s Prime Movers, Moves On

The restaurant, which redefined American dining and gave birth to the power lunch, is leaving the space it has occupied since 1959.

From Refugee Chefs, a Taste of Home

Two French entrepreneurs are using food to try to change perceptions of immigrants.