Uncle Sam Wants You — Or at Least Your Genetic and Lifestyle Information

Government scientists want a million volunteers to share the secrets of their genes and lives for a research project into the causes and cures of disease.

They Promised Us Jet Packs. They Promised the Bosses Profit.

Alphabet’s X research lab is still being asked to imagine the impossible. Only now, under pressure from investors, it has to imagine making money, too.

Matter: Updated Brain Map Identifies Nearly 100 New Regions

Data from 1,200 brain scans performed as part of the Human Connectome Project allowed researchers to unveil the brain’s hidden geography.

Bioz pulls in $3 million from Esther Dyson, hopes to become Google for life science research

 Bioz, a new search engine for life science experiments, wants to reduce the time it takes researchers to thumb through thousands of science articles published online and get them right … Continue Reading →

Applied Science: Paying With Cash Hurts. That’s Also Why It Feels So Good.

New research finds that spending cash is more painful than using cards. But that same sting makes people feel that their purchases are more valuable.

Pigeons May Predict Lead Contamination, Study Finds

A study found a link between elevated lead levels in pigeons and those in children, suggesting that scientists may be able to use the birds to assess environmental contamination.

The New Health Care: Repeat After Me: Cold Does Not Increase Odds of Catching Cold

Enshrined in the very term we use for rhinovirus, it’s a myth that refuses to go away.

Study Supports Suspicion That Police Are More Likely to Use Force on Blacks

A report by the Center for Policing Equity comes at a time of increased tension over shooting episodes.

Study Supports Suspicion That Police Use of Force Is More Likely on Blacks

A report by the Center for Policing Equity comes at a time of increased tension over shooting episodes.

Why Dieters Flock to Instagram

Instagram may have success as a dieting platform because it lets people have the level of connection — or privacy — they crave, a researcher says.


Symantec’s Woes Expose the Antivirus Industry’s Security Gaps

Vulnerabilities revealed this week show how security software can not only fail to protect us, but also create new attack holes in systems. The post Symantec’s Woes Expose the Antivirus … Continue Reading →


Researchers Sue the Government Over Computer Hacking Law

The CFAA makes it illegal to violate a web site’s terms of service, preventing researchers from investigating possible discrimination on sites. The post Researchers Sue the Government Over Computer Hacking … Continue Reading →

The Pleurobot robo-salamander crawls and swims like a real amphibian

 The mad roboticists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have produced another biomimetic mechanoid — this one based on the lithe locomotion of the salamander. “Pleurobot” imitates the amphibian’s … Continue Reading →


Clever Attack Uses the Sound of a Computer’s Fan to Steal Data

By controlling the speed of a computer’s internal fans, researchers show how they can steal passwords and other data from “air-gapped” machines. The post Clever Attack Uses the Sound of … Continue Reading →

Researchers make it easier to squirt out the last of the shampoo with science

 If you’ve ever gnawed your way through a plastic bottle to get out the last delicious drops of soap you’ll be pleased to learn that researchers at The Ohio State … Continue Reading →

Food Banks Take On a Contributor to Diabetes: Themselves

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are surprisingly common among people who sometimes go hungry, and the fare available at food pantries can worsen the conditions.