Well: Talking to Kids About Racial Violence

It’s tempting to avoid painful conversations. Experts say we shouldn’t. Advertisements


One Police Shift: Patrolling an Anxious America

Riding along with officers illuminated fears they confront, compassionate gestures from the public after two recent ambushes against the police, and varied responses to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Loneliness of Being Black in San Francisco

As the tech industry thrives, San Francisco’s African-American population is dwindling and its black middle class has all but disappeared.

After 1963, a Silence Fell Upon Dallas. Not This Year.

For years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas was labeled the “city of hate.” Decades later, it is responding to new horror very differently.

Obama on Dallas: No Reprise of ’60s Racial Strife

“When we start suggesting that somehow there is this enormous polarization and we’re back to the situation in the 1960s — that’s just not true,” he said.

Shootings Further Divide a Nation Torn Over Race

This week’s convulsive events have prompted anguished pleas for unity and echoes of the protests and divisions of the late 1960s and early 1970s.