In the Age of ISIS, Who’s a Terrorist, and Who’s Simply Deranged?

Instances of wanton violence have been swiftly judged to be the work of terrorists, even when there is little evidence of direct ties to terrorist groups.

Front-Page Editorials Aim to Soothe the Grief-Stricken

While more newspapers are taking this unusual step during recent spasms of violence, other bold decisions have been criticized for sowing divisiveness.

Orlando Shooting: Finding Acceptance

The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., has pushed some victims’ families to address the complexities of religion and homosexuality.

House Democrats’ Gun-Control Sit-In Turns Into Chaotic Showdown With Republicans

Dozens of lawmakers sat on the floor of the House chamber before a weeklong recess, effectively halting legislative activity by chanting, “No bill, no break!”

After Orlando, Questions Over Effectiveness of Terrorism Watch Lists

Proposals to stop people on terrorism watch lists from buying guns are opposed not only by the National Rifle Association, but also by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Attacks in ISIS’ Name Expose a Struggle to Spot Future Terrorists

The authorities are trying to reckon with attackers whose names had surfaced in terrorism investigations but who had crossed no legal boundary.