Pokémon Go finally goes live in Japan with McDonalds the first sponsored location

 Pokémon Go has finally launched in Japan, the land where Pokémania first began. McDonalds is the game’s first sponsor in a deal which, as we reported earlier this week, turns … Continue Reading →

What the Pokémon Go hype train means for Nintendo’s value

 There’s been much talk about Nintendo suddenly creating an enormous amount of value for itself with the release of Pokémon Go, perhaps one of the most successful game launches of … Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go launch in Japan postponed after email leak

 Game-maker Niantic has postponed today’s scheduled launch of Pokémon Go in Japan after internal emails leaked out on to the internet. Read More

Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location

 Pokémon Go will finally launch in Japan tomorrow, with McDonalds set to become the game’s first sponsored location. Read More


Breaking: It’s Now Officially Cool to Hate Pokémon Go

As the tide of public opinion turns on Pokemon Go, people call for nerds to get off their lawns. Literally. The post Breaking: It’s Now Officially Cool to Hate Pokémon … Continue Reading →


Looking for a Pokéstop in Pokémon Go? Try Yelp.

Alongside the usual classic filters for location and price, you can now sift through local businesses on Yelp by another criterion: proximity to Pokéstop. The post Looking for a Pokéstop … Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go to go global ‘soon’ as hit game launches in three more countries

 Pokémon Go is already a phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions and added billions to Nintendo’s market cap, but it is limited to a handful of countries. There’s … Continue Reading →

How far does the Pokémon brand have to carry Pokémon Go?

 How far can the Pokémon brand carry Pokémon Go? Will its popularity fade after that initial burst of activity thanks to the power of its brand? That’s a huge question … Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go continues its worldwide march, now live in the UK

 One of the more interesting side effects from the explosion of new mobile AR game Pokémon Go is physical movement: a lot of people are finding themselves walking miles and miles (and miles) … Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go will soon get ads in the form of sponsored locations

 After having become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time, Pokémon Go will soon include advertising, according to its developer. In an interview with the Financial Times, Niantic … Continue Reading →

Sen. Al Franken questions Niantic over Poképrivacy policy

 Always with his finger on the pulse, Senator Al Franken today sent an official request to Niantic asking about particulars of the Pokémon GO privacy policy. “I am concerned about … Continue Reading →

13 Ways To Be Better At Pokemon Go

 Pokemon Go is exploding. It’s a pop culture phenomenon unlike anything we’ve seen before. Think I’m crazy? If you live in anything resembling a major city, go stop by a … Continue Reading →

Pokémon GO shouldn’t have full access to your Gmail, Docs, and Google account – but it does

 When you use Google to sign into Pokémon GO, as so many of you have already, the popular game for some reason grants itself (for some users, anyway) the highest … Continue Reading →