Rocking Out in the Mosh Pit, With Baby in Tow

As the festival industry grows, parents are starting to take their children with them — but not without some sidelong glances.

The Haggler: Spotify and Apple Music: The Goth vs. the Stoner

The perfect music streaming service, the Haggler writes, would be Spotify without the ghoulish user interface, combined with a clearheaded Apple Music.

See How Gotta Groove Presses Gorgeous Vinyl Records

Gotta Groove Records is a record pressing plant in Cleveland, Ohio, that specializes in records with high quality sound and creative vinyl. Read more on MAKE The post See How … Continue Reading →

Flight of the Conchords: Aimless, and That’s O.K.

“The audience thinks everything is a bit,” said Bret McKenzie, one member of the comedy group. “But often it’s not a bit — it’s just us figuring something out.”


Fear Not, Indie Musicians. The Web Can Still Bring Unexpected Victories

For musicians trying to make it, the Internet can be unforgiving. Just don’t quit—you never know who’s listening. The post Fear Not, Indie Musicians. The Web Can Still Bring Unexpected … Continue Reading →


Neuroscientists Still Don’t Know Why Music Sounds Good

Scientists, musicians and philosophers have been debating why music sounds nice for literally centuries. The post Neuroscientists Still Don’t Know Why Music Sounds Good appeared first on WIRED.

The future of listening to music is feeling it, according to Timbaland

 Everyone likes a good vibration — which is why recording artist Timbaland teamed up with SubPac, a Los Angeles-based startup that has created a wearable device set to redefine entertainment … Continue Reading →

Review: Garth Brooks Brings Rousing Anthems and Ballads to Yankee Stadium

Mr. Brooks, the signature country star of the 1990s who has come out of semiretirement, played for more than an hour and a half, including with his wife, Trisha Yearwood.

Bose’s New Bluetooth Speakers Are Made for Modding

The BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker, designed with makers in mind, is meant to be modified and customized. Read more on MAKE The post Bose’s New Bluetooth Speakers Are Made for Modding appeared … Continue Reading →

SoundCloud improves music discovery with new Suggested Tracks feature

 SoundCloud is launching a new feature that aims to help its users find new tracks and artists they’ll love, based on their activity and listening history. Called “Suggested Tracks,” the … Continue Reading →

Aphex Twin commissions 12-year-old YouTuber to direct first video since 1999’s ‘Windowlicker’

 If you follow your dreams, and film it, and put it on YouTube, there’s a chance Richard D. James will see it and commission you to direct the first Aphex … Continue Reading →