Apple releases new betas for iOS, macOS, watchOS and yes, even tvOS

 Dear developers, today is update day. Apple just released the third beta for the next major iteration of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS — that’s a lot of megabytes. The … Continue Reading →

The first macOS Sierra public beta is coming today

 If you have a useless Mac lying around, today is your lucky day. Apple is releasing the first public beta of macOS Sierra later today — it’s probably going to … Continue Reading →

A one word review of macOS Sierra

 Hi! That new macOS X Sierra thing is almost out! There are so many new cool features. You can talk to your computer in humanish language. You can pay for … Continue Reading →


I Spent a Week Yelling at Siri in MacOS Sierra

The Mac’s best new feature looks and sounds a little familiar. The post I Spent a Week Yelling at Siri in MacOS Sierra appeared first on WIRED.

An early look at macOS Sierra

 [macOS Sierra]( is Apple’s latest version of its operating system for the Mac. While the final version will only be available in the fall, I’ve been playing around with the … Continue Reading →