Lockheed Martin’s Hydra Fusion builds 3D maps in real time from drone footage

 A drone is a great eye in the sky, but if you want richer data than what its cameras show — for example, detailed 3D maps — you might be … Continue Reading →

DigitalGlobe unveils next-generation imaging satellite

 It’s really frustrating when that super-fly Snapchat you took at 55 mph of the unreleased Tesla Model 3 you caught in the wild turns out blurry. DigitalGlobe will be able to snap … Continue Reading →


Juno’s Jupiter Mission Faces Its Most Critical Moment

NASA’s Juno mission isn’t just a big deal for Jupiter fans—it could help unravel how life itself began. The post Juno’s Jupiter Mission Faces Its Most Critical Moment appeared first … Continue Reading →

NASA fires enormous booster designed for world’s most powerful rocket

 Today, NASA successfully completed a full-duration qualification ground test of the booster that is designed to lift the most powerful rocket in the world. This particular test was a cold … Continue Reading →