Furenexo’s SoundSense is a simple, open-source gadget that helps deaf people stay aware of their surroundings

 People with deafness have plenty of ways to navigate everyday situations as if they had no disability at all, but there are still situations that present dangers unique to them … Continue Reading →

Art Mécanique kickstarts a mechanical watch with a few high-tech trimmings

 There is, to be sure, nothing new under the horological sun. However, by putting all of the old pieces together in new ways you end up with a watch that … Continue Reading →

How our founding fathers raised a Series A

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Latest Pebble campaign snags third-most-funded slot on Kickstarter

 Time for a 12-million gun salute, as the newest Pebble Kickstarter campaign closed its doors with $12.8m raised from almost 67k backers, becoming the third-most-backed crowdfunding campaign on the popular … Continue Reading →

Pocket Tripod is a credit-card-sized phone holder that fits in your wallet

 The successful Pocket Tripod is repeating its crowdfunding success from a few years ago, creating an updated, universal version of its incredibly popular credit-card sized tripod-that-fits-in-your-wallet. Now available for pre-order … Continue Reading →


Game|Life Podcast: What Bad Mighty No. 9 Reviews Mean for the Future of Gaming Kickstarters

What does the critical failure of one of the most-hyped Kickstarter games mean for the future of crowdfunding? Plus, more E3 talk from WIRED’s game podcast. The post Game|Life Podcast: … Continue Reading →

WOVNS Turns Digital Designs into Made-to-Order Textiles

We’ve seen print on demand knitted goods before, but WOVNS is jumping into the tech of textiles with jacquard. Read more on MAKE The post WOVNS Turns Digital Designs into … Continue Reading →