Juno probe’s tiny sensors to perform big science around Jupiter

 One of the striking things about the Juno probe, I remarked to one of its creators, is its simple and streamlined design — compared to other spacecraft, at least. The … Continue Reading →

Juno lead Scott Bolton talks up the tech of NASA’s Jupiter orbiter

 The Juno probe has just made its long-awaited rendezvous with Jupiter, kicking off 20 months of unprecedented planetary science. We cornered the mission’s principal investigator, Scott Bolton, during a briefing … Continue Reading →

After five years, Juno arrives in orbit around Jupiter

 After traveling five years through the solar system, Juno has finally reached its destination and is currently in orbit around Jupiter, traveling nearly 250,000 kilometers per hour (150,000 mph). Read … Continue Reading →


NASA’s Juno Probe Just Made It Safely Into Jupiter’s Orbit

At 11:54 pm Eastern tonight, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California erupted into cheers. No ooohs and aaaahs at fireworks displays here: The team of engineers had just received confirmation … Continue Reading →


Watch Live as Juno Enters Jupiter’s Orbit

After five years in space, the NASA spacecraft is finally arriving at Jupiter. The post Watch Live as Juno Enters Jupiter’s Orbit appeared first on WIRED.


NASA Swears It Didn’t Mean to Interrupt Your July 4 Cookout

The space agency insists that the timing of Juno’s insertion into Jupiter’s orbit is just a matter of solar conjunctions and conflicting launch schedules. The post NASA Swears It Didn’t … Continue Reading →


Juno’s Jupiter Mission Faces Its Most Critical Moment

NASA’s Juno mission isn’t just a big deal for Jupiter fans—it could help unravel how life itself began. The post Juno’s Jupiter Mission Faces Its Most Critical Moment appeared first … Continue Reading →