7 Times Boris Johnson, Britain’s New Foreign Secretary, Was Anything but Diplomatic

An author, journalist and former mayor of London, Mr. Johnson has a rich history of gaffes and controversies.

Theresa May’s British Cabinet Has New Faces but Old Divides

The new prime minister continued to make big changes in her government, but could face splits over how to withdraw from the European Union.

Theresa May, New British Prime Minister, Fires Justice Secretary Michael Gove

Ms. May, who took power on Wednesday, continued to make big changes after her surprising decision to appoint Boris Johnson, the former London mayor, as foreign secretary.

Memo From Britain: British Politics Gives a Sense of Government by Old School Chums

It’s hard not to conclude that Britain’s path into crisis has largely been determined by an elite clique of people plotting with and scheming against one another.

Memo From London: Luck Runs Out for a Leader of ‘Brexit’ Campaign

Boris Johnson, the chronically disheveled former mayor of London, was done in by his own hubris and lack of preparation in the face of the Brexit result.

Boris Johnson Won’t Seek to Succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister

His decision not to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party in Britain followed the surprise decision of his ally Michael Gove to enter the contest.

Economic Fears Rising, Britain Hopes to Stay in E.U. Market

Leaders on both sides of the “Brexit” debate signaled that they wanted continued access to the free-trade zone, though the European Union may have other ideas.

The Interpreter: How Britain Could Exit ‘Brexit’

The country has a few options for how it might remain in the European Union. Each carries significant risks — but, then again, so does leaving.

European Leaders Tell a Dazed Britain to Get Going on ‘Brexit’

There were clear indications Saturday of a tense and bickering divorce, as European leaders urged Britain to hurry up and begin its departure.

‘Brexit’ Aftershocks: More Rifts in Europe, and in Britain, Too

The British pound and stock prices plummeted, there was immediate pressure for another referendum on Scottish independence, and David Cameron said he would resign by October.

Economic Scene: After Brexit Vote, a Choice for Europe: Move Forward, or Fall Back

Europe itself lacks a firm democratic foundation, leaving voters to express dissatisfaction only by supporting extremist political movements.