Weekly Roundup: Elon Musk’s master plan, Peter Thiel speaks at RNC and iPhone 7 leak

 History was made this week in tech as Peter Thiel wowed the crowd at the RNC, Elon Musk exposed Master Plan Part Deux and we saw yet another iPhone 7 … Continue Reading →


Snowden Designs a Device to Warn If Your iPhone’s Radios Are Snitching

Your smartphone’s radio can be used to spy on you. The exiled NSA leaker teamed up with renowned hardware hacker Bunnie Huang to stop it. The post Snowden Designs a … Continue Reading →

Canva brings professional design to anyone with its new iPhone app

 Online design platform Canva, which makes it easy for anyone to create professional graphics quickly – even if they don’t have a design background – is expanding its reach today with … Continue Reading →

Army Special Operations Command reportedly ditching Android for iPhone in the field

 While the ordinary proving ground of the smartphone may be the mean streets of the city, devices are to be found on the field of battle, too — and if … Continue Reading →

Pearl RearVision adds a backup camera to any old car

 As of 2018, all new passenger vehicles will be required by NHTSA to have rear visibility technology. This only applies to shiny new cars rolling off the assembly line, but that … Continue Reading →

This could be the iPhone 7

 What is the iPhone 7 going to look like? While nobody knows for sure, some leaks are starting to emerge with a common trend — the iPhone 7 is going … Continue Reading →

iOS 10 preview: Apple breaks down its walled garden

 As our phones become our primary computing devices, major iOS updates affect the workflow and lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people. Even minor changes can have major implications. So … Continue Reading →

Apple’s iOS 10 Is Available for Beta Testers Who Want a Head Start

Early adopters can try the new messaging app and improved photo software, and they can help the tech giant fix problems before the full release in the fall.

The next iPhone might start at 32GB of internal storage

 iPhone rumor season is upon us, the latest tidbit has to do with internal storage. According to the WSJ, the next-generation iPhone will start at 32GB of internal storage opposed … Continue Reading →

Apple doubles down on photography with new Shot on iPhone campaign

 Apple knows that the battle for people’s pockets is going to be fought in part in the photography space. With iOS 10, the company is making it even easier to … Continue Reading →

Accessibility was all around this year’s WWDC

 Accessibility, conceptually, is much more than just the discrete “accessibility options for people with disabilities”. At its heart, accessibility is about just that: access. You don’t need to have a … Continue Reading →

Apple confirms iOS kernel code left unencrypted intentionally

 When Apple released a preview version of iOS 10 at its annual developers conference last week, the company slipped in a surprise for security researchers — it left the core of … Continue Reading →


Gamevice Makes Your iPhone a Portable Gaming Powerhouse

Your iPhone deserves a better gaming controller. This is it. The post Gamevice Makes Your iPhone a Portable Gaming Powerhouse appeared first on WIRED.