Will photo art phenom Prisma raise or get bought?

 Prisma morphs your photos into fine art like Picasso or Mondrian, and it’s blowing up the iOS app charts. Today it came out in unofficial APK beta on Android. But … Continue Reading →

Kim’s Snapchat Story, Taylor’s Instagram, and all the 1’s and 0’s in between

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Facebook lifts the veil on its mobile device testing lab

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Instagram’s algorithmic feed is the worst thing to happen to me all summer

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The Democratic Convention Impersonates Nordstrom to #Engage Voters

With their convention fast approaching, Democrats are borrowing a social media tactic from retailers to convince voters to buy what the party is selling. The post The Democratic Convention Impersonates … Continue Reading →

Instagram nixes naughty comments

 Comment reels can become cesspools, especially on celebrity social media posts that get replies by the thousands. But now Instagram is letting its new business pages take out the trash … Continue Reading →

Prisma uses AI to turn your photos into graphic novel fodder double quick

 Artists beware! AI is coming for your paintbrush too… A new iOS app, called Prisma, is using deep learning algorithms to turn smartphone photos into stylized artworks based on different artwork/graphical styles. Snap or … Continue Reading →

Instagram personalizes Explore videos with “Picked For You” channel

 Snapchat Discover, meet Instagram “Picked For You”. Today Instagram is launching a new way to see the best videos from topics you personally love.  “Picked for You” lives in the … Continue Reading →


Instagram Strikes a Sizable Blow in Silicon Valley’s Tabs Vs Spaces War

Yeah, Instagram just hit a half-billion users. But let’s talk about what really matters. The post Instagram Strikes a Sizable Blow in Silicon Valley’s Tabs Vs Spaces War appeared first … Continue Reading →