News Analysis: For Trump, an America That Is Not a Nation of Nations

In his convention speech on Thursday, the presidential candidate took a negative tone on immigrants, avoiding even a boilerplate mention of their positive contributions.

Heroin and Pill Overdoses Claim Immigrant Victims, Catching Families Off Guard

Parents from Russia and the Middle East are often unfamiliar with the signs of drug abuse and may not know how to navigate the world of treatment and recovery.

Attack in Nice Turns Spotlight on City’s Religious Divisions

Muslims and non-Muslims have lived alongside each other in Nice for generations, but last week’s massacre has exacerbated tensions among residents.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence: One Ticket, Two Worldviews

Differences of opinion on trade, diplomacy and the use of force could be difficult to reconcile for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his running mate.

Donald Trump Forces G.O.P. to Choose Between Insularity and Outreach

Mr. Trump’s political approach would have Republicans court working-class and rural whites at the grievous cost of alienating minorities and women.

Trump Wants War Declared on ISIS and ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Immigrants

The statements strike the same chords of hostility and suspicion toward Muslims and immigrants that are at the heart of Mr. Trump’s appeal to many voters.

How Mike Pence and Donald Trump Compare on the Issues

The two men at the top of the Republican ticket agree on many issues, but have differed on Muslim immigration, gay rights and the Iraq war.

Where Mike Pence and Donald Trump Align and Differ on Big Issues

The two men at the top of the Republican ticket agree on many issues, but have differed on Muslim immigration, gay rights and the Iraq war.

Mike Pence on the Issues: Immigration, Foreign Policy, Guns, the Economy

The Indiana governor is a staunch conservative who opposes amnesty for immigrants, same-sex marriage and gun control.

Theresa May’s British Cabinet Has New Faces but Old Divides

The new prime minister continued to make big changes in her government, but could face splits over how to withdraw from the European Union.

After ‘Brexit,’ Britain Could Look to Norway as a Model

Norway is outside of the European Union, but it can trade easily with the bloc’s members; the hitch is that it must allow the free movement of people.

Theresa May, Britain's New Leader

Theresa May has been sworn in as Britain’s second female prime minister. Stephen Castle, The Times’s London correspondent, talks about the new leader.

For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance

Breaching boundaries on discussions of race, Mr. Trump has stoked antagonism among marginalized whites and attracted college students tired of having to watch their words.

Voices From Europe’s Far Right

Hundreds of readers from across the Continent responded to our call to share their experiences as supporters of far-right parties.

Republicans Begin Hashing Out Details of Convention Platform

The draft that delegates will revise will touch on a wide range of contentious issues — immigration, marriage, family values, criminal justice reform and policing.

After ‘Brexit’ Vote, Immigrants Feel a Town Turn Against Them

Long-simmering anger in Boston, England, has become more explicit and worrisome, including a leaflet asking, “Did you pack your bags yet?”

British Soccer Teams Brace for the Impact of ‘Brexit’

The ability of Britain’s top soccer clubs to sign and retain some international stars would be complicated should the country leave the European Union. Rugby and cricket teams could also … Continue Reading →

Turkey, a Conduit for Fighters Joining ISIS, Begins to Feel Its Wrath

For years, Turkey served as a rear base, transit hub and shopping bazaar for the Islamic State, but now, officials say Tuesday’s attack bore ISIS hallmarks.

As Migrants Face Abuse, Fear That ‘Brexit’ Has Given License to Xenophobia

Amid reports of attacks and graffiti aimed at Britain’s immigrants, human rights advocates and politicians expressed alarm that the vote had unleashed simmering hatred.

Supreme Court Deadlocks on Obama Immigration Plan. It Remains Blocked.

The 4-4 tie dealt a sharp blow to an ambitious program that the president had hoped would become one of his central legacies.

Stay or Go? E.U. Referendum Divides British Families

The vote this week over Britain’s membership in the European Union has prompted deep, sometimes bitter divisions, even between mothers and children.

Economic Scene: After Brexit Vote, a Choice for Europe: Move Forward, or Fall Back

Europe itself lacks a firm democratic foundation, leaving voters to express dissatisfaction only by supporting extremist political movements.