WikiLeaks publishes 19,252 DNC-related emails packed with personal information

 WikiLeaks has put online a searchable database of thousands of emails sent to and from top figures in the Democratic National Committee — many of which contain personal and financial … Continue Reading →

Israel is opening an innovation center to showcase Israeli technology and inspire young entrepreneurs

 It’s no secret that Israel is a hotbed of technological innovation. Just over the past few years the country has given birth to popular consumer startups like Waze, Viber and Fiverr. … Continue Reading →

Tech reacts to Trump’s RNC speech

 Trump’s RNC speech was long, so we here at TechCrunch cut it down for you with 10 quick reactions from investors, executives, and engineers. Read More

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is reason No. 1 to tune in to the RNC with us tonight

 Donald J. Trump is, to put it gently, not well liked within the Silicon Valley tech industry — and not because it is the liberal bastion it’s often portrayed to be. … Continue Reading →

Airbnb hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to craft anti-discrimination policy

 Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is joining Airbnb to fight discrimination on the short term rental platform. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky … Continue Reading →

NYC’s chief digital officer Jessica Singleton is heading to business school

 This is Jessica Singleton’s last week as chief digital officer of the City of New York. Singleton became the city’s digital director in January 2014, then took on an expanded … Continue Reading →

Ex-Theranos customer files a lawsuit claiming faulty blood tests contributed to his heart attack

 Theranos is now steeped in an avalanche of legal woes, including a suit filed Monday, July 19 by an ex-customer alleging the company’s faulty blood tests caused him to have … Continue Reading →

WhatsApp blocked in Brazil again

 Brazil’s battle with Facebook over its encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp, continues to rage. A Brazilian judge ordered telephone companies to cut off access to WhatsApp in the country after Facebook … Continue Reading →

Google’s latest transparency report shows record government data requests

 Google saw a record number of data requests from law enforcement agencies worldwide during the second half of 2015 as the request total passed the 40,000 mark for the first … Continue Reading →

Bulk data collection only lawful for fighting serious crime, says Europe’s top court

 The European Court of Justice has issued a preliminary ruling on a data retention case brought by UK MPs and privacy rights groups seeking to challenge the government’s data retention … Continue Reading →

Army Special Operations Command reportedly ditching Android for iPhone in the field

 While the ordinary proving ground of the smartphone may be the mean streets of the city, devices are to be found on the field of battle, too — and if … Continue Reading →

How to watch the Republican National Convention

 The Republican National Convention is underway in Cleveland, where the GOP is expected to finalize its nomination of Donald Trump. The entire Trump clan is attending, plus Donald backers like … Continue Reading →

RNC braces for cyber attacks

 The Republican National Convention kicks off today in Cleveland and the event promises to be unusual. Donald Trump’s campaign has, of course, been controversial, and he’s putting his own strange … Continue Reading →

UK government warned to act fast on Brexit risks

 A UK parliamentary committee looking at issues pertaining to the digital economy has warned of multiple risks in the wake of last month’s referendum vote to leave the European Union. … Continue Reading →

How to circumvent Turkey’s social media block

 Access to several social media sites was blocked for over an hour in Turkey today during a reported military coup. Although internet traffic appears to be flowing normally again, Turkey’s … Continue Reading →

A Vice President Pence would be bad for building US culture of innovation

 With a Tweet from The Donald himself, it’s official that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will be Donald Trump’s running-mate come November. Gov. Pence has been loudly parading his innovation and entrepreneurship … Continue Reading →

UK surveillance bill includes powers to limit end-to-end encryption

 The UK government has explicitly confirmed that a surveillance bill now making its way through the second chamber could be used to require a company to remove encryption. And even, … Continue Reading →

US, NSF to put $400M into Advanced Wireless Research Initiative for 5G networks

 As President Obama approaches the end of his tenure in the White House, his team is launching a wireless networking research project that it hopes could be part of his … Continue Reading →

Senate committee calls out Elon Musk, wants answers on Tesla Autopilot

 The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has called out Tesla CEO Elon Musk to answer some questions about the company’s Autopilot technology, and what the Silicon Valley … Continue Reading →

Microsoft triumphs in warrant case against U.S. government

 In a surprise federal court ruling, Microsoft has won its lawsuit against the United States government over a warrant for a customer’s emails. The company has been fighting since 2013 to … Continue Reading →

Google under fire again from Europe’s antitrust regulator over AdSense, comparison shopping

 After years of battles in Brussels and beyond, search giant Google has come under yet more fire from antitrust regulators in Europe concerned about the its dominance in online advertising. … Continue Reading →

DigitalGlobe unveils next-generation imaging satellite

 It’s really frustrating when that super-fly Snapchat you took at 55 mph of the unreleased Tesla Model 3 you caught in the wild turns out blurry. DigitalGlobe will be able to snap … Continue Reading →

Endangered ferrets are being saved by drones that drop vaccine-laced M&Ms

 Here’s your weird but interesting technology story for the day. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) are using M&M dispensing drones to save endangered black-footed ferrets in rural Montana. The ferret’s … Continue Reading →

Sen. Al Franken questions Niantic over Poképrivacy policy

 Always with his finger on the pulse, Senator Al Franken today sent an official request to Niantic asking about particulars of the Pokémon GO privacy policy. “I am concerned about … Continue Reading →

Uber for 911 transport is a horrible idea

 The Washington D.C. Fire and EMS Department is considering a plan to use Uber to transport low priority 911 callers, according to NBC Washington. It’s a horrible idea. Washington’s plan is … Continue Reading →

Tesla under investigation for possible breach of securities law, WSJ reports

 Tesla is under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Wall Street Journal reported, for a possible securities law breach. What’s at issue is whether the electric vehicle … Continue Reading →

Can the Airbnb regulatory nightmare be solved with more tech?

 Sharing economy startups like Airbnb and Uber have gone nuclear to defend their business model, suing city governments or shuttering their services entirely when they don’t get their way. Airbnb recently sued the … Continue Reading →

A court ruled that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password

 Last week the U.S Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion that an employee acted “without authorization” when he used a old coworker’s login (with their permission) to gain … Continue Reading →

We need to talk about AI and access to publicly funded data-sets

 If you think Google has a controversial reputation at this point in its business evolution, buckle up because things are really stepping up a gear — as its machine learning … Continue Reading →

NASA’s newly upgraded Pleiades supercomputer delves into the mysteries of star formation

 NASA scientists are bringing one of the most powerful computers in the world — just recently given a tune-up — to bear on the question “Where do stars come from?” … Continue Reading →

Remember hoverboards? Half a million are being recalled as fire hazards

 Hoverboards! The must-have trash gadget of the holidays, now gathering dust in a million closets and garages nationwide, is being recalled in even larger numbers than before due to “a … Continue Reading →

France wants to rethink the state as a platform

 When you think about filing forms and requesting information from various administrations, chances are you get a headache. But it shouldn’t be like that. When you create an account on … Continue Reading →

Bulgaria now requires (some) government software to be open source

 Fans of free and open-source software are rejoicing today at the news that Bulgaria will now require all software written for the government must be FOSS. But while this is … Continue Reading →

Students’ 3D-printed fungarium and Martian mini-farm win NASA ‘Star Trek Replicator Challenge’

 NASA believes the children are our future. Why else would it ask them for ideas about how to feed astronauts in 2050? The nationwide “Star Trek Replicator” contest that began … Continue Reading →

FBI recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton over use of personal email servers

 While noting that Hillary Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless” in using a series of personal e-mail servers during her time as Secretary of State, the FBI recommended the … Continue Reading →

Juno lead Scott Bolton talks up the tech of NASA’s Jupiter orbiter

 The Juno probe has just made its long-awaited rendezvous with Jupiter, kicking off 20 months of unprecedented planetary science. We cornered the mission’s principal investigator, Scott Bolton, during a briefing … Continue Reading →

After five years, Juno arrives in orbit around Jupiter

 After traveling five years through the solar system, Juno has finally reached its destination and is currently in orbit around Jupiter, traveling nearly 250,000 kilometers per hour (150,000 mph). Read … Continue Reading →

How our founding fathers raised a Series A

 For some of us, hotdogs, patriotic songs, and fireworks are enough. We here at TechCrunch expect more of our readers. Why be satisfied with fireworks when you could literally launch … Continue Reading →

Zore X is a smart gun lock that raised almost $250K on Indiegogo

 An unlocked gun can ruin more than one life. In fact, the Trace reports that toddlers shot an average of one person per week for the 2015 year, often injuring … Continue Reading →