Verizon And AT&T Pull Adverts From YouTube

Earlier in the week we heard that a number of large companies in the UK had pulled their adverts from YouTube after they had appeared on extremist and anti-semitic videos. … Continue Reading →


Redbox is giving streaming another shot

 After unceremoniously putting the old kibosh on it Instant service back in 2014, your friendly neighborhood DVD dispenser Redbox is ramping up to give streaming another go. The movie distributor, … Continue Reading →

Finding a film

 Have you ever stopped to think about what it takes to bring an animated fish to life? How a team of people can take a spark of an idea and … Continue Reading →

For everyone

 The imagination is a powerful thing, and what it creates may in fact be powerful beyond our imagining. That was certainly the case with Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the World … Continue Reading →

ODB biopic is in motion

   Rap biopics are all the rage these days. The success of “Straight Outta Compton” opened the door for films like that Tupac biopic, previously stuck in production purgatory, to … Continue Reading →

Future has more music coming

   With Purple Reign still fresh in rotation, it looks like Future may have more music in stored for us. Taking to twitter Tuesday night, the ATL rapper says he’s … Continue Reading →