Facebook’s Giant Internet-Beaming Drone Finally Takes Flight

The future of the Internet may have just taken off. The post Facebook’s Giant Internet-Beaming Drone Finally Takes Flight appeared first on WIRED.

Redis Labs raises $14M for its in-memory NoSQL database services

 Redis Labs, the company behind the open source Redis data structure store, today announced that it has raised a $14 million Series C round led by Bain Capital Ventures and … Continue Reading →

Google launches new API to help you parse natural language

 Google today announced the public beta launch of its Cloud Natural Language API, a new service that gives developers access to Google-powered sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis. This new … Continue Reading →

Dreamit accelerator ditches demo days, unveils 25 new health and education startups

 Dreamit Ventures’ accelerator has ditched the demo day, according to Chief Innovation Officer Steve Barsh. That’s not the only change the early-stage venture firm and accelerator has made of late. … Continue Reading →

After 3 weeks, Worldpay still fumbling millions of Etsy transactions

 Etsy users had another bad week as payment processor Worldpay continues to cause problems. Late last week, some Etsy users began reporting that they had experienced duplicate charges. The forum on … Continue Reading →

Sift Science raises $30 million to predict and prevent fraud everywhere online

 To predict and prevent fraud online even more quickly than cybercriminals adopt new tactics, Sift Science has raised $30 million in a Series C round of venture funding in a … Continue Reading →

IBM beats the street in Q2 with sales of $20.24B, EPS of $2.95, cloud revenues up 30%

 IT giant IBM has just posted its second quarter earnings, where came in at $20.24 billion and non-GAAP earnings per share are $2.95. The numbers beat analysts’ estimates of $20.03 billion in revenue and non-GAAP EPS … Continue Reading →

Arable’s crop and weather sensor, Pulsepod, aims to make farming predictable

 A Princeton, New Jersey startup called Arable Labs Inc. recently unveiled a professional-grade crop and weather sensor that’s solar powered, rugged and was designed by Fred Bould, the creative talent … Continue Reading →

Too much big data running through my brain

 Big Data by all accounts is supposed to help humans perform better by augmenting our limited brain power. Computers, after all, have the ability to crunch data with lightning speed, something … Continue Reading →

The email, data and privacy implications of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn

 We all took a collective gasp when we saw the price tag of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn. Now that the dust has settled a bit, we can pause and reflect … Continue Reading →


Mailchimp Sends a Billion Emails a Day. That’s the Easy Part

Sending a massive number of emails isn’t the problem that keeps the company’s engineers busy all day. Making sure they’re read, on the other hand … . The post Mailchimp … Continue Reading →

Sales startup Immediately will shut down as team members join New Relic

 Immediately, a startup that built mobile sales tools, will be shutting down at the end of the month, while part of the team will move on to cloud-monitoring company New Relic. According … Continue Reading →

Legion Analytics is building bots to automate your sales pitch

 Legion Analytics is looking to make your sales team more productive with the help of artificial intelligence. We covered the startup last year when it was part of Y Combinator’s … Continue Reading →


Europe Is Going After Google Hard, and Google May Not Win

In the end, Google in Europe could wind up a very different thing than Google at home. The post Europe Is Going After Google Hard, and Google May Not Win … Continue Reading →

The 3 biggest sales mistakes enterprise software companies make

 For early- to mid-stage B2B software and SaaS companies, selling in to the enterprise is hard. Getting enterprise customers to pay for your solution on a repeated and long-term basis … Continue Reading →


Apple’s New App Will Teach the Next Generation How to Code

The new Swift Playgrounds app for iPad is the next step on Apple’s path towards a new breed of computer programming. The post Apple’s New App Will Teach the Next … Continue Reading →


Cozmo Is an Artificially Intelligent Toy Truck That’s Also the Future of Robotics

With a new software development kit that even the greenest coder can use, this smart toy could help seed a new generation of intelligent robots. The post Cozmo Is an … Continue Reading →

Google aqui-hires deep search engine Kifi to enhance its Spaces group chat app

 Google has made another small acquisition to help it continue building out its latest efforts in social apps. The search and Android giant has hired the team behind Kifi, a startup that was … Continue Reading →

Microsoft debuts “Surface as a Service” program aimed at getting devices into the enterprise

 Microsoft announced this morning a new program aimed at expanding Surface’s footprint in the enterprise, dubbed “Surface as a Service.” The initiative will allow businesses to lease Surface devices, alongside … Continue Reading →


Google’s Project Fi Is One Step Closer to Unifying the World’s Wireless Networks

Thanks to a new deal, Google’s meta-network is getting faster and going more places. The post Google’s Project Fi Is One Step Closer to Unifying the World’s Wireless Networks appeared … Continue Reading →

Sisense-Amazon Echo integration lets you ask Alexa questions about your business data

 Sisense, a company which helps customers link multiple data sources and summarize them in a single dashboard view, has been working on ways to understand the data outside of the context of a … Continue Reading →


Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the Internet for a Huge Clash With Europe

Deep learning, the latest in AI technology, could clash with new regulations from the European Union, the world’s single largest online market. The post Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the … Continue Reading →

Face computers slowly find their place in business

 Remember Google Glass? How could you not? Born with great fanfare just four short years ago, the device quickly became the object of derision. People who wore them were “Glassholes.” … Continue Reading →

Siris Capital to buy Polycom for $2B in cash, Polycom cancels its $1.96B Mitel merger

 Here’s an interesting twist in one of the bigger enterprise acquisition stories of 2016. After Mitel earlier this year announced that it would acquire Polycom for $1.96 billion and consolidate the two … Continue Reading →

Microsoft now helps businesses use the data that powers Bing Predicts

   A few years ago, Microsoft launched Bing Predicts, a project that aims to correctly predict sporting events and elections by combining lots of data with machine learning algorithms. Until now, … Continue Reading →

Ch-ch-ch-changes at Microsoft as COO Kevin Turner heading for the exits

 In a blog post this morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that long-time COO Kevin Turner would be leaving after 11 years at the company. At the same time, Citadel … Continue Reading →

Ch-ch-ch-changes at Microsoft as COO Kevin Turner heads for the exits

 In a blog post this morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that long-time COO Kevin Turner would be leaving after 11 years at the company. At the same time, Citadel … Continue Reading →


Big Pharma Is So 2015. Welcome to the Era of Big Software

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook could dominate the tech market in the same way Pfizer and Kellogg’s dominated food and pharma. The post Big Pharma Is So 2015. Welcome to … Continue Reading →

Canonical-Pivotal partnership makes Ubuntu preferred Linux distro for Cloud Foundry

 Pivotal, developers of the Cloud Foundry open source cloud development platform and Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, announced a partnership today where Ubuntu becomes the preferred operating system for Cloud … Continue Reading →

Veriflow raised $8.2 million to help IT pros avoid network outages and breaches

 Remember when Target lost millions of customer credit card numbers to hackers who got in to their networks, of all things, through the company’s connected HVAC systems? A startup called … Continue Reading →


Facebook OpenCellular: A Baby Antenna Brings Internet to the Boonies

Facebook isn’t in the wireless business. But it continues to build all sorts of new-fangled wireless hardware. The post Facebook OpenCellular: A Baby Antenna Brings Internet to the Boonies appeared … Continue Reading →

Google launches a more scalable and robust Kubernetes

 Google today announced the next version of Kubernetes, its open source orchestration service for deploying, scaling and managing software containers. The focus of version 1.3 is on providing Kubernetes users … Continue Reading →

Microsoft gives Salesforce a shove with new Dynamics 365 integrated cloud platform

 Microsoft announced its intention today to combine the Dynamics CRM and ERP products into an integrated platform on top of which it is hoping third parties will build applications. It’s a … Continue Reading →

LzLabs launches product to move mainframe COBOL code to Linux cloud

 Somewhere in a world full of advanced technology that we write about regularly here on TechCrunch, there exists an ancient realm where mainframe computers are still running programs written in COBOL. This is … Continue Reading →

On-demand staffing startup HourlyNerd lands $22 million Series C

 HourlyNerd, a Boston-based, startup aspires to be more than an on-demand staffing service for skilled employees. It wants to be a full-service platform for large companies to change the way they think about … Continue Reading →


Darpa Goes Full Tron With Its Grand Battle of the Hack Bots

With its Cyber Grand Challenge—a battle of autonomous security software—Darpa is taking us inside the machine. The post Darpa Goes Full Tron With Its Grand Battle of the Hack Bots … Continue Reading →

The things any startup could be doing to get Fortune 500 customers

 New-market disruption is a rare phenomenon and usually comes in waves in conjunction with some form of dramatic technological advance. Many disruptive companies (both new and existing) created new markets … Continue Reading →

Five companies considered buying LinkedIn

 A new SEC filing posted Friday gives more clarity about what led up to Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn for over $26 billion. And they prove that Microsoft wasn’t the only prospective … Continue Reading →


Soon Facebook Will Instantly Translate Your Posts Into 44 Languages

Beginning today, some will have the option of instantly translating their Facebook posts into as many as 44 different languages. The post Soon Facebook Will Instantly Translate Your Posts Into … Continue Reading →

Zenefits revalues itself at $2 billion, giving later shareholders more ownership

 Zenefits is executing a change in its current ownership structure that will increase the overall ownership of the company for late-stage investors. in a move that revalues the company’s Series C round … Continue Reading →