News Analysis: Theresa May, Untested and Ascending to Manage ‘Brexit’

No one is quite sure if Ms. May, the next British prime minister, can successfully balance the nation’s economic and political needs with the exit from the European Union.

Andrea Leadsom Pulls Out of Race

Ms. Leadsom, Britain’s energy minister and a former top candidate to lead the Conservative Party, announced on Monday she would drop out of the race, leaving Theresa May as the … Continue Reading →

Wigan’s Road to Brexit: Anger, Loss and Class Resentments

The Labour-dominated city voted Leave to jolt elites in London as well as in Brussels into restoring their lost world of secure jobs and communities.

Pro-‘Brexit’ City of Sunderland Glad to Poke Establishment in the Eye

Sunderland, England, a former shipbuilding center with high unemployment, voted overwhelmingly for leaving the European Union, though the city benefited from the bloc.