Theresa May Is Poised to Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister

Ms. May is set to take over on Wednesday, succeeding David Cameron at a time of immense upheaval for Britain.

Theresa May Poised to Be Britain’s Next Premier as Andrea Leadsom Quits Race

It was not immediately clear how quickly Ms. May’s victory would be formally ratified by her party, but there appeared to be no hurdles to her ascension.

Japan Election, a Landslide for Abe, Could Allow a Bolder Military

Voters have strengthened the hand of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who wants to revise the pacifist Constitution — a prospect likely to add to regional tensions.

Japan Vote Strengthens Shinzo Abe’s Goal to Change Constitution

Whether Prime Minister Abe will be able to pursue his ambition of overturning the clause that calls for the complete renunciation of war remains to be seen.

Malcolm Turnbull Claims Victory in Australia Election After Rival Concedes

The electoral commission has forecast that Mr. Turnbull’s Liberal Party-led coalition could win a combined 76 seats, which would give it an absolute majority.

The 5 Conservatives Vying to Become Britain’s Next Prime Minister

After Boris Johnson’s decision not to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, these are the main contenders.

The Interpreter: The E.U. Is Democratic. It Just Doesn’t Feel That Way.

The bloc was designed to rise above and defuse nationalist politics. That is why, for many Europeans, it does not feel like a functioning democracy.

Economic Scene: After Brexit Vote, a Choice for Europe: Move Forward, or Fall Back

Europe itself lacks a firm democratic foundation, leaving voters to express dissatisfaction only by supporting extremist political movements.