Is China Stealing Jobs? It May Be Losing Them, Instead

With a slowing domestic economy, rising costs and stiffer foreign competition, China’s laborers are losing jobs, including to the United States.

Nigeria Finds a National Crisis in Every Direction It Turns

President Muhammadu Buhari promised to stamp out terrorism in the north and to rebuild the economy. But the nation now faces terrorism, separatism and low oil prices.

As China’s Economy Slows, Beijing’s Growth Push Loses Punch

High debt and a glut of unneeded factories are hindering the government’s traditional effort to use spending and lending to spur more activity.

What China’s Economic Growth Figures Mean

China on Friday reported its second-quarter economic growth figures. The numbers are among the world’s most closely watched, but data from the country are notoriously questionable.

Amid Grim Economic Forecasts, Cubans Fear a Return to Darker Times

Recent calls to cut energy usage, along with the faltering economy in Venezuela, which provides much of Cuba’s oil, have left Cubans worried about fuel shortages and blackouts.

Economic Trends: Can We Ignore the Alarm Bells the Bond Market Is Ringing?

Interest rates are ultralow across the globe. Here’s what that may be telling us about the economic future.

Japan Vote Strengthens Shinzo Abe’s Goal to Change Constitution

Whether Prime Minister Abe will be able to pursue his ambition of overturning the clause that calls for the complete renunciation of war remains to be seen.

Jobs Report: What the Seesaw Jobs Numbers Are Really Telling Us

The labor market is what we thought it was: It’s not terrific, it’s not lousy. It’s just fine.

Turkish Leader Erdogan Making New Enemies and Frustrating Old Friends

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan long professed a foreign policy of “zero problems with neighbors” but now seems mired in disputes with just about everybody.

Economic Trends: ‘Brexit’ Is Locking In the Forces That Already Haunt the Global Economy

Those forces have self-reinforcing, vicious-cycle dimensions that make it a perilous time for the world’s economies.

The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton’s Message: Yes, the Economy Is Messed Up. But I Can Fix It.

She embraced the economic discontent that has fueled the rise of her opponents, while presenting herself as the person most qualified to address it.