Democrats, Looking Past Obama, Are a Party Without a Cause

Without the president’s unifying presence, or the singular focus on health care, Democrats are searching for a next great project they can agree on. Infrastructure?

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to Debut Ticket in Battleground of Florida

A noon rally is set for Florida International University in Miami, in a state where Mrs. Clinton hopes to woo Hispanic voters with the help of Mr. Kaine, who speaks … Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Debut Ticket in Battleground of Florida

Mrs. Clinton appeared with Mr. Kaine in Miami, who peppered his remarks with Spanish in a bid to woo Hispanic voters in the swing state of Florida.

News Analysis: With Pick, Hillary Clinton Signals She’s Looking Past Inauguration Day

The Virginia politician’s value is almost entirely about governing — it’s less about his ballot box impact than about what he’ll bring to the White House.

Tim Kaine Picked as Clinton Running Mate

Hillary Clinton announced Friday that Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia would be her vice-presidential choice.

Hillary Clinton Selects Tim Kaine, a Popular Senator From a Swing State, as Running Mate

Mr. Kaine, a former governor of Virginia who is now on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, speaks fluent Spanish and has a strong friendship with Mrs. Clinton.

Bill Clinton Said to Back Virginia’s Tim Kaine for Vice President

Mr. Clinton believes that Mr. Kaine, a former governor and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has the right domestic and national security résumé.

Comparing Melania Trump’s Speech With Michelle Obama’s

Parts of Melania Trump’s speech on Monday night during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were strikingly similar to Michelle Obama’s speech during the Democratic convention in 2008.

Donald Trump’s Safe Choice for No. 2 Frees Hillary Clinton’s Hand, Strategists Say

The choice of Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, a far-right conservative, eases pressure on Hillary Clinton to make an adventurous choice for vice president, strategists say.

Campaign 2016: 365 Days in 3 Minutes

A brief look back at the 2016 presidential campaigns leading up to this year’s party conventions.

Some Predict Tuition Increases Under Hillary Clinton’s College Plan

Experts see evidence that colleges have responded to past increases in federal subsidies by raising their prices.

In Audition With Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine Nails Most of His Lines

Mr. Kaine, a contender to be Mrs. Clinton’s running mate, gave an enthusiastic introduction at her rally in Virginia, although some of his lines seemed to work better than others.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton, Hoping to Unify Democrats

Whether Mrs. Clinton can also win over the 13 million Sanders voters will be one of her biggest challenges at the party’s convention and in the weeks ahead.

James Stavridis, Retired Admiral, Is Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

Some close to Mrs. Clinton say she was always likely to have someone with military experience on her vice-presidential shortlist.

Former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh Is Expected to Run for His Old Seat

A bid by Mr. Bayh could strengthen the Democratic Party’s prospects of winning majority control of the Senate in November.

Bernie Sanders, Set for Rally With Hillary Clinton, Says Campaigns Are ‘Closer and Closer’

Mr. Sanders is expected to appear on Tuesday in Portsmouth, N.H., alongside Mrs. Clinton, who has adopted some of his ideas on education and health care.

Bernie Sanders Allies Lose a Fight Over Democrats’ Stance on Trade

The party’s platform committee rejected a push to oppose a congressional vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which President Obama supports.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Struggle to Be Unifying Voice for Nation

The violence of the past week cried out more for a unifying candidate and revealed how hard it is for Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton to become that person.

Bernie Sanders Is Expected to Endorse Hillary Clinton Next Week

The senator and candidate are expected to appear together in New Hampshire on Tuesday, said three Democrats involved in the planning.

Hillary Clinton Embraces Ideas From Bernie Sanders’s College Tuition Plan

The presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign said she plans to eliminate tuition at in-state public colleges for families with annual incomes under $125,000.

House G.O.P. May Seek to Punish Democrats for Gun Control Sit-In

Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader, criticized the streaming of video and the treatment of workers in the House.

The 2016 Race: How Trump’s Campaign Could Redraw Voter Allegiances

A message radically different from what Republicans have advanced has considerable appeal to white working-class Democrats.

House Democrats’ Gun-Control Sit-In Turns Into Chaotic Showdown With Republicans

Dozens of lawmakers sat on the floor of the House chamber before a weeklong recess, effectively halting legislative activity by chanting, “No bill, no break!”

After Orlando, Questions Over Effectiveness of Terrorism Watch Lists

Proposals to stop people on terrorism watch lists from buying guns are opposed not only by the National Rifle Association, but also by the American Civil Liberties Union.

On Washington: Another Impasse on Gun Bills, Another Win for Hyperpolitics

Partisanship and the sway of special interests again prevented lawmakers this week from achieving a consensus objective over gun control measures.