Obama’s Support of Erdogan Is a Stark Reminder of Turkey’s Value to U.S.

The Turkish leader may be a bitter disappointment to Mr. Obama, but he is still better than other options in the chaotic landscape of the Middle East.

China Begins Air Patrols Over Disputed Area of the South China Sea

The patrols, seen as an assertion of sovereignty, were anticipated by analysts after an international tribunal ruled that Beijing had no legal right to the area.

Theresa May Wins Vote to Renew Britain’s Nuclear Program

The new prime minister gained approval from Parliament to authorize and update the weapons system, a move intended as a signal that Britain remains a world power.

Erdogan Triumphs After Coup Attempt, but Turkey’s Fate Is Unclear

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory over the uprising may have bolstered his popularity among Islamists, but wider support was not yet certain.

Many Turks Prefer Even Flawed Democracy to Coup

After the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, there was a sense of relief in Istanbul, and Sunday was a day of pro-government rallies and funerals.

The Interpreter: Turkey Was an Unlikely Victim of an Equally Unlikely Coup

The uprising appeared to diverge wildly from the usual patterns of such attempts. And for several reasons, Turkey should have been at little risk.

John Kerry Meets Vladimir Putin to Discuss New Syria Plan

The proposed agreement would create a joint Russia-U.S. command center to share intelligence and targeting information for “integrated operations.”

Philippines v. China: Q. and A. on South China Sea Case

An international tribunal released a landmark decision on Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over 90 percent of the South China Sea.

Japan Election, a Landslide for Abe, Could Allow a Bolder Military

Voters have strengthened the hand of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who wants to revise the pacifist Constitution — a prospect likely to add to regional tensions.

Philippines v. China: Q. and A. on South China Sea Court Case

An international court is scheduled to release a landmark ruling Tuesday on Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over 90 percent of the South China Sea.

Japan Vote Strengthens Shinzo Abe’s Goal to Change Constitution

Whether Prime Minister Abe will be able to pursue his ambition of overturning the clause that calls for the complete renunciation of war remains to be seen.

Iran, Once Quiet About Its Casualties in Syria and Iraq, Now Glorifies Them

The reason for the change, analysts say, is not rooted in newfound dedication to transparency, but in a desire to sustain Iranian support for Syria’s government.

Palestinian, 15, Killed as Israeli Forces Sought to Halt Stone Throwing

One teenager died and four were wounded, and they appeared to be innocent bystanders who were hit while the military tried to halt Palestinians who were throwing stones and firebombs.