Flooding in Northern China Kills Scores

At least 72 people are dead and hundreds of thousands displaced in Hebei Province, where local governments took days to report casualties.

France Says Truck Attacker Was Tunisia Native With Record of Petty Crime

The man, 31, had no known links to the militant extremists who have targeted and traumatized France.

Terrorist Attack in Nice, France, Leaves 84 Dead and 202 Injured

A truck plowed into a crowd at a Bastille Day fireworks celebration late Thursday. It was France’s third major terrorist attack in 19 months.

Death Toll From Terrorist Attack in Nice, France, Rises to 84

Graphic images showed the truck tearing through the crowd. The driver was shot and killed by the police, and France’s president called the assault “a monstrosity.”

In Nice, a Vibrant Celebration Gives Way to a Trail of Death

A speeding truck that barreled into a crowd on Bastille Day left a trail of bodies, shock and despair.

Public Health: A Medical Mystery of the Best Kind: Major Diseases Are in Decline

The leading killers — cancer, heart disease and stroke – are coming later in life in wealthy countries as people in general live longer in good health.