Furenexo’s SoundSense is a simple, open-source gadget that helps deaf people stay aware of their surroundings

 People with deafness have plenty of ways to navigate everyday situations as if they had no disability at all, but there are still situations that present dangers unique to them … Continue Reading →

Games company Paradox Interactive raises $11.8M from the crowd

 Paradox Interactive, best known for developing and publishing a series of popular games including Hearts of Iron, Stellaris and Europa Universalis, today announced it raised more than $11.8m from the … Continue Reading →

Latest Pebble campaign snags third-most-funded slot on Kickstarter

 Time for a 12-million gun salute, as the newest Pebble Kickstarter campaign closed its doors with $12.8m raised from almost 67k backers, becoming the third-most-backed crowdfunding campaign on the popular … Continue Reading →

Invesdor raises another $1.4m to expand equity crowdfunding in Europe

 Equity crowdfunding continues to be a hot topic around the world, with a number of players new and old re-doubling their efforts to capture the wallets of investors everywhere. The … Continue Reading →