Powering the golden age of audio

 Audio, the spoken word, is humanity’s primary means of sentient communication: the sounds a fetus hears in utero; a lover’s whisper; a marriage proposal… all leave deep imprints on our … Continue Reading →

Why the top 5 tech companies are dead set on AI

 At nearly every major technology event for the past five years we’ve been given at least one “wow” moment — when one of the big players would unveil some sort … Continue Reading →

Microsoft now helps businesses use the data that powers Bing Predicts

   A few years ago, Microsoft launched Bing Predicts, a project that aims to correctly predict sporting events and elections by combining lots of data with machine learning algorithms. Until now, … Continue Reading →

Microsoft gives Salesforce a shove with new Dynamics 365 integrated cloud platform

 Microsoft announced its intention today to combine the Dynamics CRM and ERP products into an integrated platform on top of which it is hoping third parties will build applications. It’s a … Continue Reading →