Theresa May Flies to Meet Angela Merkel After a Confrontation in Parliament

Mrs. May faced down the opposition leader at home, Jeremy Corbyn, before she went to Berlin to discuss Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Theresa May Wins Vote to Renew Britain’s Nuclear Program

The new prime minister gained approval from Parliament to authorize and update the weapons system, a move intended as a signal that Britain remains a world power.

7 Times Boris Johnson, Britain’s New Foreign Secretary, Was Anything but Diplomatic

An author, journalist and former mayor of London, Mr. Johnson has a rich history of gaffes and controversies.

Theresa May’s British Cabinet Has New Faces but Old Divides

The new prime minister continued to make big changes in her government, but could face splits over how to withdraw from the European Union.

Theresa May’s Style: Put Your Head Down and Get to Work

Britain’s new prime minister is widely seen as a safe pair of hands, but the times may demand that she be both steady and bold.

Theresa May, Britain's New Leader

Theresa May has been sworn in as Britain’s second female prime minister. Stephen Castle, The Times’s London correspondent, talks about the new leader.

5 Things to Know About Theresa May, Britain’s Next Prime Minister

Ms. May is set to become the country’s leader on Wednesday. She’s been a long-serving cabinet minister and has promised to guide Britain out of the European Union.

Theresa May Is Poised to Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister

Ms. May is set to take over on Wednesday, succeeding David Cameron at a time of immense upheaval for Britain.

Cameron Says He Will Resign Wednesday

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain gave his support to Theresa May’s bid to be his successor and said he would officially resign on Wednesday. He then ended the announcement … Continue Reading →

Theresa May Poised to Be Britain’s Next Premier as Andrea Leadsom Quits Race

It was not immediately clear how quickly Ms. May’s victory would be formally ratified by her party, but there appeared to be no hurdles to her ascension.

Andrea Leadsom Pulls Out of Race

Ms. Leadsom, Britain’s energy minister and a former top candidate to lead the Conservative Party, announced on Monday she would drop out of the race, leaving Theresa May as the … Continue Reading →

Theresa May Likely to Be Britain’s Next Premier as Andrea Leadsom Quits Race

Ms. Leadsom had been the subject of widespread criticism after suggesting in an interview that being a mother made her better qualified to run the country than her rival.

Race for Britain’s Prime Minister Down to Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom

Theresa May, the home secretary, and Andrea Leadsom, the energy minister, won the most votes in the second round of voting.

‘Brexit’ Briefing: May, Gove or Leadsom? Conservatives Vote

Tory lawmakers are choosing the two finalists who will go before the party’s rank-and-file members to become the next leader, as well as Britain’s prime minister.

Memo From Britain: British Politics Gives a Sense of Government by Old School Chums

It’s hard not to conclude that Britain’s path into crisis has largely been determined by an elite clique of people plotting with and scheming against one another.

The 5 Conservatives Vying to Become Britain’s Next Prime Minister

After Boris Johnson’s decision not to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, these are the main contenders.

Memo From London: Luck Runs Out for a Leader of ‘Brexit’ Campaign

Boris Johnson, the chronically disheveled former mayor of London, was done in by his own hubris and lack of preparation in the face of the Brexit result.

Boris Johnson Won’t Seek to Succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister

His decision not to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party in Britain followed the surprise decision of his ally Michael Gove to enter the contest.

Britain Votes to Leave the European Union

The stunning outcome reflected populist sentiment and is sure to have far-reaching effects on Britain’s place in the world and the future of the E.U.

Suspense Is High as Britain Awaits Outcome of E.U. Referendum

The vote on Britain’s continued membership in the European Union sent currency traders scrambling and the pound first up and then down.