Email Issue Only Hardens Political Views in Philadelphia Suburbs

While a parade of Republicans said this week they could not vote for Donald J. Trump, many also said the same about Hillary Clinton after the F.B.I.’s rebuke.

F.B.I. Director Testifies on Clinton Emails to Withering Criticism From G.O.P.

Republican lawmakers on Thursday used blunt testimony from the director, James B. Comey, to try to build a case that Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to the public.

Hillary Clinton’s Email Was Probably Hacked, Experts Say

But because it is unlikely any intruders left signs of their entry, the experts say, it is impossible to know for certain if the email was compromised.

F.B.I. Chief to Explain Recommendation on Hillary Clinton Before Congress

Republicans on Capitol Hill moved to stretch out Mrs. Clinton’s email travails after what many in the party viewed as a lackluster response from Donald J. Trump.

Email Case May Complicate Clinton Aides’ Pursuit of Security Clearance

Fallout from the F.B.I. inquiry is likely to affect several State Department advisers who facilitated the former secretary’s reliance on a private server.

Text of F.B.I. Director’s Remarks on Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Email Use

Remarks prepared for delivery by Director James B. Comey, as released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

James Comey’s Rebuke of Hillary Clinton Fits a 3-Decade Pattern

Throughout his career, Mr. Comey has never shied away from thorny issues, and has often clashed with White House officials about high-profile national security matters.

The Interpreter: What the Email Inquiry Says About Washington and Its Secrets

About 2,000 of the 30,000-plus emails the F.B.I. reviewed were retroactively “up-classified,” a routine practice that has drawn criticism.

News Analysis: F.B.I.’s Critique of Hillary Clinton Is a Ready-Made Attack Ad

The F.B.I. director all but indicted Hillary Clinton’s judgment and competence on Tuesday in terms that would be devastating in a normal election year.

Shadow of Plea Deal for David Petraeus Loomed Over Hillary Clinton Email Case

F.B.I. officials considered the case against Mrs. Clinton much weaker than the one against Mr. Petraeus, a retired general and C.I.A. director, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge.