Google launches new API to help you parse natural language

 Google today announced the public beta launch of its Cloud Natural Language API, a new service that gives developers access to Google-powered sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis. This new … Continue Reading →

Google Cloud Platform opens its first West Coast region

 Back in 2006, Google opened its first owned and operated data center in The Dalles, Oregon, and starting today, you’ll also be able to host your Google Cloud Platform applications … Continue Reading →

IBM beats the street in Q2 with sales of $20.24B, EPS of $2.95, cloud revenues up 30%

 IT giant IBM has just posted its second quarter earnings, where came in at $20.24 billion and non-GAAP earnings per share are $2.95. The numbers beat analysts’ estimates of $20.03 billion in revenue and non-GAAP EPS … Continue Reading →

Dropbox’s Lepton lossless image compression really uses a ‘middle-out’ algorithm

 The “middle-out” algorithm that has its roots in the most infamous (and probably funniest) scene in HBO’s “Silicon Valley” may have been fictional, but something like it can be found … Continue Reading →

Facebook lifts the veil on its mobile device testing lab

 Earlier this week, Facebook gave a small group of reporters a tour of its Prineville, OR data center. In the process, the company also showed off its mobile device lab for … Continue Reading →

DigitalOcean launches block storage and lets you store terabytes of data

 DigitalOcean has become a popular cloud hosting provider over the years. But many customers have relied on third-party solutions, such as Amazon S3, to host large sets of data. DigitalOcean … Continue Reading →

Cloud With Me makes setting up and managing AWS servers easier

 Nobody has ever accused AWS of being too easy to use. While Amazon’s cloud computing platform is extremely powerful and launches feature updates on an almost daily basis, all of that … Continue Reading →

CARTO makes geographical data visualization and analysis accessible to non-specialists

 CartoDB, a data visualization company founded in Madrid in 2012, changed its name to CARTO to celebrate its new analysis tool CARTO Builder and to emphasize its attempt to enlarge … Continue Reading →

Google launches a more scalable and robust Kubernetes

 Google today announced the next version of Kubernetes, its open source orchestration service for deploying, scaling and managing software containers. The focus of version 1.3 is on providing Kubernetes users … Continue Reading →

Microsoft gives Salesforce a shove with new Dynamics 365 integrated cloud platform

 Microsoft announced its intention today to combine the Dynamics CRM and ERP products into an integrated platform on top of which it is hoping third parties will build applications. It’s a … Continue Reading →

Twilio now helps AWS send texts

 Twilio today announced a new collaboration with Amazons’ AWS platform. The company says it is “helping AWS provide the delivery of SMS messages through the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)” and … Continue Reading →

How AWS came to be

 There are lots of stories about the formation of AWS, but this much we know: 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services, the cloud Infrastructure as a Service arm of, … Continue Reading →

AWS’s Elastic File System is now ready for production use

 Over a year ago, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing unit announced the beta launch of the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). While AWS already offers a number of cloud storage services in … Continue Reading →

Box Shuttle helps ferry legacy file stores to cloud

 Box announced Box Shuttle today, a new service that combines software and consulting to help customers move large — as in millions or even hundreds of millions — of legacy … Continue Reading →

Evernote tweaks features in free plan and raises prices in paid ones

 Evernote is an indispensible tool for many, and the company is always working on making it more so — “but that requires a significant investment of energy, time, and money,” … Continue Reading →

AWS opens its first region in India

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced the launch of its first region in India. Formally known as the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region, this new AWS region is the company’s sixth in … Continue Reading →

MongoDB launches Atlas, its new database-as-a-service offering

 MongoDB, the company behind the eponymous open source database, is launching Atlas today, its third major revenue-generating service. Atlas is MongoDB’s database-as-a-service offering that provides users with a managed database … Continue Reading →

Narvar raises $22 million to help internet retailers deliver physical goods without frustrating customers

 Battery Ventures led a $22 million, Series B investment in Narvar Inc., a company helping internet retailers keep their customers happy post-purchase, meaning until their packages are delivered, and if … Continue Reading →

Salesforce Communities update shoots for simplification and personalization

 As companies try to move to more of a self-service type of approach to customer service, online forums become more important than ever to help users find the right answers … Continue Reading →

NGINX’s Amplify monitoring tool is now in public beta

 NGINX today launched Amplify, its new application monitoring tool, out of private beta. While the cloud-based tool is still officially in beta, it’s now available to all NGINX users — … Continue Reading →

Docker launches a new marketplace for containerized software

 At its developer conference in Seattle, Docker today announced the private beta of the Docker Store, a new marketplace for trusted and validated dockerized software. The idea behind the store is … Continue Reading →

Microsoft expands its support for Docker containers

 Docker is hosting its developer conference in Seattle this week and showcasing the quickly growing ecosystem that has grown up around its container tools. One of the companies on stage … Continue Reading →