Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

The former mayor of New York City, who chose not to run for president this year, will back Mrs. Clinton in a speech at the Democratic convention.

Democrats, Looking Past Obama, Are a Party Without a Cause

Without the president’s unifying presence, or the singular focus on health care, Democrats are searching for a next great project they can agree on. Infrastructure?

As Pick for No. 2, Tim Kaine Sees Gifts Come Under Scrutiny

The gifts he received during his time in the Virginia Statehouse are certain to be cited by Republicans as a sign that Mr. Kaine is not as clean as he … Continue Reading →

Debut of the Clinton-Kaine Ticket

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia made their debut as a presidential ticket, offering a first glimpse of the team that will take on Donald J. … Continue Reading →

On Death Penalty Cases, Tim Kaine Revealed Inner Conflict

Hillary Clinton’s running mate fervently opposed capital punishment, but carried it out 11 times as governor of Virginia, while granting clemency only once.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to Debut Ticket in Battleground of Florida

A noon rally is set for Florida International University in Miami, in a state where Mrs. Clinton hopes to woo Hispanic voters with the help of Mr. Kaine, who speaks … Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Debut Ticket in Battleground of Florida

Mrs. Clinton appeared with Mr. Kaine in Miami, who peppered his remarks with Spanish in a bid to woo Hispanic voters in the swing state of Florida.

News Analysis: With Pick, Hillary Clinton Signals She’s Looking Past Inauguration Day

The Virginia politician’s value is almost entirely about governing — it’s less about his ballot box impact than about what he’ll bring to the White House.

Tim Kaine Picked as Clinton Running Mate

Hillary Clinton announced Friday that Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia would be her vice-presidential choice.

Man in the News: Tim Kaine: A Self-Effacing Senator in a Sharp-Elbows Era

Mr. Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, a senator and former governor of Virginia, is known for his calm temperament, willingness to build bridges and Catholic faith.

The 2016 Race: If Tim Kaine Can Help Clinton in Virginia Even a Bit, It’s a Big Deal

Hillary Clinton might not need Mr. Kaine to secure Virginia, but it’s a crucial state, and he can only help.

Hillary Clinton Selects Tim Kaine, a Popular Senator From a Swing State, as Running Mate

Mr. Kaine, a former governor of Virginia who is now on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, speaks fluent Spanish and has a strong friendship with Mrs. Clinton.

Even at Convention, Ted Cruz Can’t Escape Donald Trump’s Shadow

The nominee’s plane interrupts the senator’s speech, a rock ’n’ roller draws boos, and a former Obama aide says the Democratic primary fight hurt the Clinton campaign.

Abroad in America: Behind a Facade of G.O.P. Unity, Frayed Edges Painfully Exposed

The storied party of Abraham Lincoln is now headed by a candidate who has divided the country, and the Republicans, like none other in decades.

At Convention, Ted Cruz Can’t Escape Donald Trump’s Shadow

The nominee’s plane interrupts the senator’s speech, and a former Obama aide says the Democratic primary fight may have hurt the Clinton campaign.

Republican Factions Find a Unifying Force: Hillary Clinton

Nothing has seemed to unite the Republican Party better than the shared desire to see Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, in prison.

Bill Clinton Said to Back Virginia’s Tim Kaine for Vice President

Mr. Clinton believes that Mr. Kaine, a former governor and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has the right domestic and national security résumé.

Hillary Clinton Is Said to Seek National Security Experience for Vice Presidential Pick

The shortlist includes James G. Stavridis, a former NATO commander, and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton Has a 76 Percent Chance to Win the Presidency

Introducing our forecasting model, which doesn’t put much stock in so-called fundamentals; it’s based almost entirely on polls.

Donald Trump’s Safe Choice for No. 2 Frees Hillary Clinton’s Hand, Strategists Say

The choice of Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, a far-right conservative, eases pressure on Hillary Clinton to make an adventurous choice for vice president, strategists say.

Campaign 2016: 365 Days in 3 Minutes

A brief look back at the 2016 presidential campaigns leading up to this year’s party conventions.

The 2016 Race: Confused by Contradictory Polls? Take a Step Back

There’s lots of presidential polling going on right now, and outliers are inevitable. But collectively, the picture is clearer.

Abroad in America: Abroad in America, Deciphering the 2016 Presidential Race

I hope to turn my focus as a foreign correspondent to illuminating the fears, hopes and motivations that are driving voters of every hue.

Abroad in America, Deciphering the 2016 Presidential Race

I hope to turn my focus as a foreign correspondent to illuminating the fears, hopes and motivations that are driving voters of every hue.

Some Predict Tuition Increases Under Hillary Clinton’s College Plan

Experts see evidence that colleges have responded to past increases in federal subsidies by raising their prices.

Donald Trump Forces G.O.P. to Choose Between Insularity and Outreach

Mr. Trump’s political approach would have Republicans court working-class and rural whites at the grievous cost of alienating minorities and women.

Trump Wants War Declared on ISIS and ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Immigrants

The statements strike the same chords of hostility and suspicion toward Muslims and immigrants that are at the heart of Mr. Trump’s appeal to many voters.

7 Times Boris Johnson, Britain’s New Foreign Secretary, Was Anything but Diplomatic

An author, journalist and former mayor of London, Mr. Johnson has a rich history of gaffes and controversies.

In Audition With Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine Nails Most of His Lines

Mr. Kaine, a contender to be Mrs. Clinton’s running mate, gave an enthusiastic introduction at her rally in Virginia, although some of his lines seemed to work better than others.

Poll Finds Voters in Both Parties Unhappy With Their Candidates

Voters expressed deep misgivings about their presumptive nominees in a New York Times/CBS News poll. The race between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton is tied.

The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk, but She Still Has an Edge

A politics chat includes a look at a close race and a very busy day of polls — and what to make of them.

Poll Finds Emails Weighing on Hillary Clinton, Now Tied With Donald Trump

The Democratic candidate’s shifting explanations for her use of a private mail server as secretary of state appear to raise trust issues among voters.

Nearly Four-Fifths of White Evangelicals Say They’ll Vote for Donald Trump

Support for Mr. Trump among white evangelicals, a coveted bloc, is even stronger than it was for Mitt Romney in 2012, a new poll has found.

Battle of the Network Stars: Trump vs. Clinton

The Republican and Democratic conventions will have an unusual job: rebooting two series we’ve been watching for decades.

Elizabeth Warren Is Invited to Speak on Democratic Convention’s First Night

The invitation from the Clinton campaign to speak earlier than vice-presidential picks normally do was taken by many as a sign that the senator would not be chosen.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton, Hoping to Unify Democrats

Whether Mrs. Clinton can also win over the 13 million Sanders voters will be one of her biggest challenges at the party’s convention and in the weeks ahead.

House Panel Questions Loretta Lynch on Hillary Clinton’s Emails

The attorney general said she was “extremely proud” of the criminal investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email system but would not discuss its details of conclusions.

James Stavridis, Retired Admiral, Is Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

Some close to Mrs. Clinton say she was always likely to have someone with military experience on her vice-presidential shortlist.

Sanders Endorses Clinton

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth, N.H.

Congressional memo: Can Paul Ryan Still Sell the G.O.P. Agenda?

Heading into the Republican convention, the House speaker has been hectored by both parties, the budget is stalled and his spotlight has been stolen.