Flooding in Northern China Kills Scores

At least 72 people are dead and hundreds of thousands displaced in Hebei Province, where local governments took days to report casualties.

Is China Stealing Jobs? It May Be Losing Them, Instead

With a slowing domestic economy, rising costs and stiffer foreign competition, China’s laborers are losing jobs, including to the United States.

Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet to Be Suspended

The hunt will be suspended if the plane isn’t found in the dwindling target zone, officials said, but it could be revived if new information emerged.

Beijing Journal: Unearthing China’s Past at a Market Whose Raffish Air Is a Selling Point

Collectors of rare books and posters find gems in Panjiayuan’s ramshackle alleyways, or make discoveries in its more exclusive little shops.

Sinosphere: China Investigating Data Leak and Swindling of H.I.V. Patients

People with H.I.V. across China report receiving calls from people with access to their medical information, and some say they were asked to send money.

China pumping brakes on highway testing of autonomous cars

 Pump those brakes. China has issued a temporary ban on the highway testing of autonomous cars. According to Bloomberg, the country’s auto regulators have warned automakers to keep their autonomous … Continue Reading →

China Begins Air Patrols Over Disputed Area of the South China Sea

The patrols, seen as an assertion of sovereignty, were anticipated by analysts after an international tribunal ruled that Beijing had no legal right to the area.

Feature: The American Who Accidentally Became a Chinese Movie Star

The journey of Jonathan Kos-Read, better known as Cao Cao, is a good guide for anyone seeking to make it in China’s budding, chaotic film industry.

As China’s Economy Slows, Beijing’s Growth Push Loses Punch

High debt and a glut of unneeded factories are hindering the government’s traditional effort to use spending and lending to spur more activity.

What China’s Economic Growth Figures Mean

China on Friday reported its second-quarter economic growth figures. The numbers are among the world’s most closely watched, but data from the country are notoriously questionable.

Tribunal Rejects Beijing’s Claims in South China Sea

An international panel in The Hague delivered a sweeping rebuke of China’s behavior, deciding that its expansive claim to sovereignty over the waters had no legal basis.

Beijing’s South China Sea Claims Rejected by Hague Tribunal

The panel delivered a sweeping rebuke on Tuesday of China’s behavior, deciding that its expansive claim to sovereignty over the waters had no legal basis.

Ikea Extends Recall to China After Criticism

When the Swedish company pulled chests and dressers from the United States, Chinese consumers wondered why the child safety issue didn’t apply to them.

Philippines v. China: Q. and A. on South China Sea Case

An international tribunal released a landmark decision on Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over 90 percent of the South China Sea.

Hague Tribunal Rejects Beijing’s Claims in South China Sea

The panel delivered a sweeping rebuke on Tuesday of China’s behavior, deciding that its expansive claim to sovereignty over the waters had no legal basis.

Expected South China Sea Ruling Could Challenge Beijing’s Claims

Neighboring countries hope a decision in a landmark case brought by the Philippines, expected Tuesday, will offer a pathway to resist China’s tactics.

Philippines v. China: Q. and A. on South China Sea Court Case

An international court is scheduled to release a landmark ruling Tuesday on Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over 90 percent of the South China Sea.

For China, a Missile Defense System in South Korea Spells a Failed Courtship

South Korea showed that it was embracing its alliance with Washington more than ever, and that it would rely less on China to keep North Korea at bay.

Asia Pacific cross-border payment startup Airwallex lands $3M

 Fintech companies are continuing to draw interest from investors in Asia. The latest company to pull in financing is Airwallex, a China-Australia startup that specializes in cross-border transactions. Read More

VCs are betting on the great Chinese fitness boom

 As the Chinese economy has boomed in the last decade, millions of people have entered the middle class. And the Chinese aren’t just getting wealthier, they’re getting fitter. China, it … Continue Reading →

Didi Chuxing adds new safety features, including a passenger SOS button

 Didi Chuxing, the taxi booking app that is beating Uber in China, has added a number of safety features to its service including an SOS button for its 300 million … Continue Reading →

Alibaba snaps up Chinese Android app store Wandoujia

 Alibaba has advanced its reach on mobile after it acquired one of China’s most prominent Android app stores, Wandoujia, in an undisclosed acquisition. Read More

China invests in the hunt for aliens with world’s largest radio telescope

 The last of 4,450 triangular panels was installed to complete the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope, located in China’s Guizhou Province. A monument of China’s dedication to the field of … Continue Reading →

Twitter estimates that it has 10 million users in China

 A source inside Twitter told TechCrunch that the company estimates that it has around 10 million users in China. That gives us a glimpse at the potential number of people … Continue Reading →

Finally, a service that tests and ranks the best VPNs for China

 Circumvention Central is a resource that tests the speed and reliability of VPNs on actual websites not just servers, and on an ongoing basis. The result is that, rather than … Continue Reading →

What this year’s M&A activity tells us about media and entertainment

 With Dalian Wanda Group’s $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary Entertainment in January, this year’s media and entertainment M&A activity kicked off with a bang that hasn’t slowed down. Comcast’s $3.8 … Continue Reading →

UN agrees to adopt expanded resolution on online speech rights

 A vote today by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has agreed to affirm an expanded resolution on online rights. Russia and China had tabled several amendments to the … Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Vows to Rip Up Trade Deals and Confront China

Reading from a script for the second time in two weeks, Mr. Trump hammered away at familiar economic grievances in Pennsylvania, a state crucial to his election chances.

Disrupt 旧金山峰会邀请全球华人参会 (Announcing a Disrupt SF attendee-friendly for Chinese speakers)

 It’s no news that China’s startup scene is huge and Chinese investors and founders are keen to learn more about the Silicon Valley. And of course American investors and entrepreneurs … Continue Reading →

Is Manufacturing in China Right for Your Product?

China may seem like the obvious answer to your mass production needs, but there’s some things you should consider before you commit. Read more on MAKE The post Is Manufacturing … Continue Reading →

Xiaomi’s newest gadget is a foldable electric bicycle that costs $450

 Is there anything that China’s Xiaomi doesn’t sell? The company best-known for its affordable but high-quality smartphones recently announced its first drone, right after launching a smart rice cooker, and … Continue Reading →

Circle takes $60M to grow its social payments biz globally, as it steps into China

 How do you compete with China’s homegrown social payments giants? Veteran entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of US based social payments app Circle, reckons you don’t; not like for like in … Continue Reading →

Chinese Curb Cyberattacks on U.S. Interests, Report Finds

FireEye, a security firm, reported a sharp decline in Chinese hacking even before the White House completed an agreement with China to curb cyberespionage.

DealBook: Why Uber Keeps Raising Billions

An unspoken strategy behind Uber’s aggressive fund-raising may be an effort to starve its rivals of capital.


China’s New Supercomputer Puts the US Even Further Behind

China just built the fastest supercomputer in the world. Now the question is whether the US will get back on the board. The post China’s New Supercomputer Puts the US … Continue Reading →