FIXED & APPROVED – Bug in feedly 9.0 for Firefox

Feedly 9.0 for firefox has a bug where it only shows one or two articles for the feeds which do not include images. We are very sorry about this. We … Continue Reading →


Feedly 9.0 – Polishing and Bug Fixes

We spent the last 8 weeks finding and polishing rough edges in feedly for chrome/firefix/safari. We are excited to push out a new version of feedly desktop (aka Feedly 9.0). … Continue Reading →


Feedly 8.1 – 10 Bug Fixes

We just pushed out feedly 8.1. It fixes some of the bugs/regressions reported over the last 24 hours (thanks for the feedback!). Change log: FIXED – Mark as read counter … Continue Reading →


Feedly 6.1 – Enhanced Narrow Design and Lots of Bug Fixes

Thank you for all the feedback regarding what you liked and disliked about the feedly 6 release. We listened carefully. We are pushing out today a 6.1 patch update which … Continue Reading →