One professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea

 If you were wondering what a mottled sculpin looks like, there are plenty of pictures available online. But while they may satisfy a curious tidepooler, the discerning icthyologist demands more. … Continue Reading →


You Say Rotifer, I Say Tiny Critter With a Buzzsaw for a Face

Say hello to the rotifer, a teensy critter that uses its buzzsaw face to suck in prey. The post You Say Rotifer, I Say Tiny Critter With a Buzzsaw for … Continue Reading →

Arduino-Powered Bioreactors Make Home Experimentation Affordable

Read about how one doctor was inspired to create an Arduino-powered bioreactor and ended up with an affordable, accurate device. Read more on MAKE The post Arduino-Powered Bioreactors Make Home … Continue Reading →


Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Win Over All You Haters

Meat substitutes exist, but what guilt-ridden omnivores really want is exactly what they enjoy now, without all the downsides. The answer, hopefully, is lab-grown meat. The post Lab-Grown Meat Is … Continue Reading →


Science Has a Huge Diversity Problem … in Lab Mice

Some lab studies have indicated that female nervous systems use different cell types to transmit pain. But many scientists use all-male cohorts of lab mice. The post Science Has a … Continue Reading →


35 Mice Watched the Cult Film Touch of Evil for Science

Researchers at the Allen Brain Observatory mapped the visual cortices of 35 mice while they watched the classic Touch of Evil. Well, part of it, at least. The post 35 … Continue Reading →


Darwin Would Have Been a Pokémon Go Master

Darwin was a nerd, and if he were alive today, he would definitely be trying to catch ‘em all. The post Darwin Would Have Been a Pokémon Go Master appeared … Continue Reading →


Absurd Creatures: Sea Spiders Won’t Bite, But They Do Have Genitals in Their Legs

The sea spider is a super special kind of arthropod with a tiny body and huge legs that, you guessed it, house their guts and genitals. The post Absurd Creatures: … Continue Reading →


Fish With Creepy Curved Backbones Could Help Explain Scoliosis

It’s easy to take for granted that our spines grow straight, our hearts on the left, and our limbs in pairs. But it actually takes incredible coordination. The post Fish … Continue Reading →


Hey Mosquitoes: Let’s See How You Like a Killer Fungus

New research reveals how brutally and effectively one fungus can kill mosquito larvae. The post Hey Mosquitoes: Let’s See How You Like a Killer Fungus appeared first on WIRED.


The Weird Business Behind a Trendy “Anti-Aging” Pill

Elysium has attracted press because of its scientific stars, but it’s ChromaDex that is quietly blurring the boundary between drug and supplement. The post The Weird Business Behind a Trendy … Continue Reading →


Absurd Creatures: The Peanut Bug Is Sick and Tired of Being Bullied

Dweebs and nerds and geeks unite! Your troubles ain’t nothin’ compared to the peanut bug, which suffers more bullying than you can imagine. The post Absurd Creatures: The Peanut Bug … Continue Reading →


The US Rowing Team’s Antimicrobial Suit Can’t Defeat Rio’s Polluted Water

Health experts aren’t sure US rowers’ fancy antimicrobial gear will do much to protect water athletes from nasty viruses and bacteria at the Olympics. The post The US Rowing Team’s Antimicrobial Suit Can’t … Continue Reading →


Humanity Is Killing Off Thousands of Species. But It’s Creating Them, Too

A new world will emerge out of the Anthropocene, shaped by the species humans create and foster as well as the ones they kill off. The post Humanity Is Killing … Continue Reading →


Absurd Creatures: Someone Tell the Tree Kangaroo to Get Down From There

Nothing against kangaroos, but they don’t really belong in trees. The post Absurd Creatures: Someone Tell the Tree Kangaroo to Get Down From There appeared first on WIRED.


Inside the US Army Lab Racing to Create a Zika Vaccine

With American personnel stationed throughout the region where Zika is infecting people, and with Zika coming to the US, Army docs are working on a vaccine. The post Inside the … Continue Reading →


A New Model Organism Could Double the Pace of Biology

The bacterium Vibrio natriegens grows even faster than E. coli, and it could cut in half the amount of time geneticists spend on routine experiments. The post A New Model … Continue Reading →