Tech Fix: Tips and Myths About Extending Smartphone Battery Life

We teamed up with The Wirecutter to determine the best methods for preventing your phone from going dark.

Apple’s iOS 10 Is Available for Beta Testers Who Want a Head Start

Early adopters can try the new messaging app and improved photo software, and they can help the tech giant fix problems before the full release in the fall.

Accessibility was all around this year’s WWDC

 Accessibility, conceptually, is much more than just the discrete “accessibility options for people with disabilities”. At its heart, accessibility is about just that: access. You don’t need to have a … Continue Reading →

Start your speculation engines, Apple is discontinuing its Thunderbolt Display

 Apple today announced that it is discontinuing its Thunderbolt Display, the large external display many use to connect to Macbooks or other Macs for extra screen real estate. This is … Continue Reading →

Apple eyeing touch controls to extend the power of the stylus

 Apple has been looking at ways to extend the control power of stylus input methods, patenting a touch sensitive stylus which could allow for users to manipulate on screen objects … Continue Reading →