Back Up Your Phone While Charging It With This Spendy Cable

A pricey little cable with a built-in storage module, Meem is an ingenious way to back up your photos, contacts, and text messages without the cloud. The post Back Up … Continue Reading →

Google now uses machine learning to make reading comics on phones easier

 Plenty of people still like to read their comics on paper, but increasingly, phones and tablets are the devices of choice for keeping up with the Justice League. Last year, … Continue Reading →


Review: Motorola Moto Z

The modular phone to begin all modular phones. The post Review: Motorola Moto Z appeared first on WIRED.

Army Special Operations Command reportedly ditching Android for iPhone in the field

 While the ordinary proving ground of the smartphone may be the mean streets of the city, devices are to be found on the field of battle, too — and if … Continue Reading →

Google launches final Android Nougat Developer Preview

 Google today released the fifth and last preview Android Nougat before the scheduled final release later this summer. According to the company, this preview includes the latest version of the Android Nougat … Continue Reading →

Encrypted comms company Silent Circle closes $50M Series C

 Encrypted comms company Silent Circle, which also makes a security-focused Android smartphone called the Blackphone, has announced it’s closed a $50 million Series C round of financing, led by Santander … Continue Reading →

Facebook lifts the veil on its mobile device testing lab

 Earlier this week, Facebook gave a small group of reporters a tour of its Prineville, OR data center. In the process, the company also showed off its mobile device lab for … Continue Reading →


Review: Huawei Honor 5X

Fewer bucks, more bangs. The post Review: Huawei Honor 5X appeared first on WIRED.

Qualcomm says encryption flaw in Android went unpatched for over a year

 Cracking encryption is a topic of perpetual fascination. Congress has made several efforts to legislate it. The FBI tried to force Apple to do it. New messaging apps constantly debut … Continue Reading →

Qualcomm says it issued patch for Android encryption flaw over a year ago

 Cracking encryption is a topic of perpetual fascination. Congress has made several efforts to legislate it. The FBI tried to force Apple to do it. New messaging apps constantly debut … Continue Reading →

Dell stops sale, upgrades of Android tablets

 Dell will no longer sell or upgrade its Android tablet line and will instead focus on Windows devices. The news broke last week but I suspect the holiday – and … Continue Reading →

Google’s Now on Tap gets even smarter

 Now on Tap was one of the marquee features of Android Marshmallow when Google first announced this update to its mobile operating system last year (which is now already being … Continue Reading →

feedly + Google Now: Your most important stories, when you want them

Feedly and Google have been collaborating on integrating feedly into Google Now so that your most important stories surface in your Google Now stream. We recently rolled out this feature … Continue Reading →


What's new in Feedly 18 for Android?

We just released the new version of feedly for Android to the Google Play Store. As mentioned in the beta announcement, the main feature of this release is speed reading … Continue Reading →

Alibaba snaps up Chinese Android app store Wandoujia

 Alibaba has advanced its reach on mobile after it acquired one of China’s most prominent Android app stores, Wandoujia, in an undisclosed acquisition. Read More

New Feedly for Android – Version 17 is out.

We just pushed a new version of feedly for Android to the Google Play Store (version 17.0). You can update it on your device or download it from: Here is … Continue Reading →


The New Feedly Mobile – iOS and Android

We just released a new version of feedly for iOS and Android. New look, richer personalization and simpler navigation are at the heart of this release. — It available now … Continue Reading →

Preview of the New Feedly for Android

We have a new iteration of the new feedly+android preview. If you are interested in a test drive, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will send you … Continue Reading →

Silent Circle silently snuffs out its warrant canary — but claims it’s a “business decision”

 Silent Circle, the maker of encrypted messaging apps and a security hardened Android smartphone, called Blackphone, has discontinued its warrant canary. Read More

Google Maps gets multi-stop directions and vacation memories on mobile

 Google is bringing long awaited multi-stop directions to mobile with its new summer update. Travelers can now hit as many tourist traps as they want on their cross country treks. Just … Continue Reading →

Yandex’s Android browser now supports third party ad-blocking extensions

 Another brick in the wall for the mobile ad-blocking wars: Yandex has opened up its Android browser to third-party ad blocking extensions. Read More

A one word review of macOS Sierra

 Hi! That new macOS X Sierra thing is almost out! There are so many new cool features. You can talk to your computer in humanish language. You can pay for … Continue Reading →