Powering the golden age of audio

 Audio, the spoken word, is humanity’s primary means of sentient communication: the sounds a fetus hears in utero; a lover’s whisper; a marriage proposal… all leave deep imprints on our … Continue Reading →

Sisense-Amazon Echo integration lets you ask Alexa questions about your business data

 Sisense, a company which helps customers link multiple data sources and summarize them in a single dashboard view, has been working on ways to understand the data outside of the context of a … Continue Reading →

A status report on our digital freedom

 People are fascinated by the relationship between free will and a pre-destined path. This relationship has never been more interesting than in today’s digital world, where the ultimate goal of … Continue Reading →

Amazon Echo users can finally choose Spotify or Pandora as default music service

 I love my Amazon Echo. And alongside checking the weather, I mostly use the voice-powered smart speaker to play music. That said, I’m not much of an Amazon Prime music … Continue Reading →


The Amazon Echo Is Winning the Race to a Screenless Future

For a screen-less gadget, the Amazon Echo is a stunning success. But can it get smart enough fast enough to truly peel people away from their smartphones? The post The … Continue Reading →