Android co-founder Rich Miner is leaving GV to helm a Google education project

Android co-founder Rich Miner is leaving GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) to start an education project within Google Inc., the investor announced today. Miner will be running his mysterious … Continue Reading →

Light raises $30m and announces L16 camera is delayed until 2017

 If you were eagerly awaiting your “late summer” delivery of your pre-ordered Light L16 camera, today will bring an impatient tear to your eye. In parallel with announcing having raised … Continue Reading →

Google’s offices in Spain raided by tax authorities

 Tax authorities in Spain have raided Google’s offices in Madrid as part of an investigating into tax evasion and fraud, TechCrunch understands. Local press and the Reuters news agency are … Continue Reading →

Enjoy a video of Boston Dynamics’ new robot doing chores and slipping on banana peels

 Boston Dynamics, the company behind some of the most impressively terrifying and terrifyingly impressive robots of the past decade, is demonstrating its softer side with a video showcasing the Alphabet-owned firm’s … Continue Reading →

Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass

 Google Fiber is bulking up its business after it announced a deal to acquire high-speed ISP Webpass, a 13-year-old company that provides an ethernet network for business and residential customers … Continue Reading →

To compete with Google, think small

 For companies serving enterprise customers, there are two ways to become a big fish: Go after other big fish or go after lots of small fish. Read More