What It’s Like to Narrowly Avert Disaster in a $18M Airliner Sim

Pilots spend hours in multi-million dollar simulators, preparing for the worst cast scenario. So, if it happens in real life, they’ll be ready. The post What It’s Like to Narrowly … Continue Reading →

Update: How to Zip Through Airport Security

Lines are long at most airports in the United States. Here are six ways to shorten your wait.


Your Luggage’s Grand Robotic Adventure From Check-In to the Clouds

To reach your plane at the same time you do, your bag flies through the bowels of the airport on a roller coaster ride that would make Six Flags jealous. The … Continue Reading →


A Rare Look Inside the Vault Where Rebuilt Jet Engines Prove They Can Fly

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Venture Inside the Command Center of the World’s Largest Airline

In the first installment of our series Flight Mode, we visit Delta mission control, where 300 people watch thousands of planes to keep everything running smoothly. The post Venture Inside … Continue Reading →

Victims in Istanbul Airport Attack Reflect City’s International Character

Hours after the bombings, a limited number of flights resumed and workers continued clearing debris and replacing shattered windows at the airport.

Attack at Istanbul Airport Leaves More Than 20 Dead

Officials reported that as many as three suicide bombers struck at Ataturk airport, and that the police fired on suspects in an effort to stop them.

Aftermath of Istanbul Airport Blasts

Video shared on social media shows the aftermath of two explosions that rocked Istanbul’s main airport on Tuesday.


Rio Spends $600M to Make Its Airport More Bearable Before the Olympics

The airport gets a tech makeover, right in time for the Olympics, The post Rio Spends $600M to Make Its Airport More Bearable Before the Olympics appeared first on WIRED.